Valstrax Cortex

A particularly hard shell inside Valstrax's outer shell. Light and strong, it's of the finest quality.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 4,950z Valstrax LV3

Charge Blade Harbarex Blade LV8 x3
Charge Blade Colossus's Edge LV8 x3
Charge Blade Discovery Blade LV4 x2
Charge Blade Scotch Bonnet Axe LV3 x4
Insect Glaive Colossus's Cudgel LV8 x3
Insect Glaive Glavenus Helldait LV8 x3
Insect Glaive Dragonstar Shuma LV4 x3
Insect Glaive Discovery Glaive LV4 x2
Hunting Horn Authority Trumpeteer LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Giant's Rocket LV6 x3
Heavy Bowgun Dragonstar Denig LV4 x4
Light Bowgun Dragonstar Hotek LV4 x4
Long Sword Colossus's Tower LV8 x3
Great Sword Astalos Elecblade LV8 x3
Great Sword Colossus's Slicer LV8 x3
Great Sword Glavenus Array LV8 x3
Great Sword Dragonstar Hal LV4 x4
Sword & Shield Colossus's Tusk LV8 x3
Sword & Shield Glinting Glavenus LV8 x3
Sword & Shield Dragonstar Alcor LV4 x3
Lance Colossus's Jouster LV8 x3
Lance Glavenus Granat LV8 x3
Bow Dragonstar Hubar LV4 x4
Gunlance Crimson Rook LV7 x5
Gunlance Giant's Clasher LV8 x3
Gunlance Glavenus Brewer LV8 x3

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