Chameleos Spike

A sharp horn of a Chameleos. Strong and hard, but strangely easy to work with.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 8,040z Chameleos LV2

Dual Blades Rouge Flames LV3 x2
Charge Blade Infected Veil LV5 x2
Hunting Horn Blessed Ocarina LV3 x2
Heavy Bowgun Kamaeleon LV2 x3
Heavy Bowgun Buster Blaster LV3 x2
Light Bowgun Cursed Lamp LV4 x2
Long Sword Mirage Finsword LV3 x2
Great Sword Chrome Quietus LV4 x2
Great Sword Grand Shamshir LV3 x3
Sword & Shield Ninja Sword LV2 x2
Hammer Garuga Effusion LV3 x2
Hammer Genie's Expanse LV3 x3
Hammer Graviton Hammer LV3 x1
Lance Aged Holy Lance LV3 x2
Bow Genie's Grimoire LV2 x3
Gunlance Venomous Cologne LV3 x2

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