Yukumo Ticket

Received for contributions to Yukumo Village. If you give it to the Smithy...

Rare 5 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Villager Requests
Yukumo Chief (4) Reward x2 100%
Yukumo Chief (5) Reward x5 100%

Dual Blades White Dango LV1 x1
Hammer Egg Hammer LV1 x1
Lance Frontrider Lance LV1 Key x1
Dual Blades Yukumo Duo LV3 x1
Dual Blades Yukumo Slicers LV5 x1
Dual Blades Pure Yukumo Duo LV1 x1
Dual Blades Divine Yukumo Duo LV4 x2
Dual Blades White Dango LV3 x1
Dual Blades Spicy Dango LV2 x1
Dual Blades Tengu Dango LV2 x1
Hunting Horn Yukumo Flute LV3 x1
Hunting Horn Yukumo Horn LV5 x1
Hunting Horn Yukumo Pureflute LV1 x1
Hunting Horn Yukumo Spirit Flute LV4 x2
Hunting Horn Poison Fungasax LV2 x1
Heavy Bowgun Yukumo Bowgun LV3 x1
Heavy Bowgun Yukumo Cannon LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Yukumo Puregun LV1 x1
Heavy Bowgun Yukumo Spiritgun LV4 x2
Light Bowgun Yukumo Light Bowgun LV3 x1
Light Bowgun Yukumo Shooter LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Yukumo Pureshot LV1 x1
Light Bowgun Yukumo Spiritshot LV3 x2
Light Bowgun Gourd Shot LV2 x1
Light Bowgun Crookneck Shot LV4 x2
Long Sword Yukumo Long Sword LV3 x1
Long Sword Yukumo War Sword LV5 x1
Long Sword Yukumo Puresword LV1 x1
Long Sword Yukumo Spiritblade LV4 x2
Great Sword Yukumo Edge LV3 x1
Great Sword Yukumo Blade LV5 x1
Great Sword Yukumo Pure Edge LV1 x1
Great Sword Yukumo Cloudcutter LV4 x2
Great Sword Autumn Umbrella LV2 x1
Great Sword Shearing Umbrella LV3 x2
Great Sword Wyvern's Perch LV2 x1
Sword & Shield Yukumo Cutter LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Yukumo Hatchet LV5 x1
Sword & Shield Yukumo Pure Cutter LV1 x1
Sword & Shield Divine Yukumo Axe LV4 x2
Sword & Shield Dragontruth Sword LV3 x2
Hammer Yukumo Mallet LV3 x1
Hammer Yukumo Impact LV5 x1
Hammer Yukumo Purehammer LV1 x1
Hammer Yukumo Hammerfist LV4 x2
Hammer Cactus Creamer LV2 x1
Lance Yukumo Lance LV3 x1
Lance Yukumo Stinger LV5 x1
Lance Yukumo Purelance LV1 x1
Lance Godly Lance LV4 x2
Lance Frontrider Lance LV3 x1
Lance Warcry Lance LV4 x2
Bow Yukumo Bow LV3 x1
Bow Yukumo Strongbow LV5 x1
Bow Yukumo Purebow LV1 x1
Bow Yukumo Spiritbow LV4 x2
Bow Bamboo Taketori LV2 x1
Bow Bamboo Taketori LV3 x1
Bow Bamboo Taketori LV4 x1
Bow Bamboo Okina LV5 x2
Switch Axe Yukumo Switch Axe LV3 x1
Switch Axe Yukumo Axe LV5 x1
Switch Axe Yukumo Pure Axe LV1 x1
Switch Axe Yukumo Spirit Axe LV4 x2
Gunlance Yukumo Gunlance LV3 x1
Gunlance Yukumo Burst LV5 x1
Gunlance Yukumo Puregunlance LV1 x1
Gunlance Mystic Gunlance LV4 x2
Gunlance Felyoshka LV2 x1
Gunlance Felicitous Felyoshka LV3 x2
Gunlance Bamboo Birdsbane LV2 x1
Gunlance Bamboo Birdsbane LV3 x1
Gunlance Bamboo Lionsbane LV4 x2
Dianthus Cap LV1 x1
Dianthus Jacket LV1 x1
Dianthus Sleeves LV1 x1
Dianthus Skirt LV1 x1
Dianthus Pants LV1 x1
Campanile Cap LV1 x1
Campanile Jacket LV1 x1
Campanile Sleeves LV1 x1
Campanile Skirt LV1 x1
Campanile Pants LV1 x1
Yukumo Sky Kasa LV1 x1
Yukumo Sky Dogi LV1 x1
Yukumo Sky Kote LV1 x1
Yukumo Sky Obi LV1 x1
Yukumo Sky Hakama LV1 x1
Yukumo Land Kasa LV1 x1
Yukumo Land Dogi LV1 x1
Yukumo Land Kote LV1 x1
Yukumo Land Obi LV1 x1
Yukumo Land Hakama LV1 x1
Scholar's Beret LV1 x1
Scholar's Blouse LV1 x1
Scholar's Gloves LV1 x1
Scholar's Skirt LV1 x1
Scholar's Socks LV1 x1
Scholar's Cap LV1 x1
Scholar's Vest LV1 x1
Scholar's Sleeves LV1 x1
Scholar's Mini LV1 x1
Scholar's Sandals LV1 x1
Sailor Hat LV1 x1
Sailor Suit LV1 x1
Sailor Gloves LV1 x1
Sailor Skirt LV1 x1
Sailor Socks LV1 x1
Sailor Cap LV1 x1
Sailor Vest LV1 x1
Sailor Sleeves LV1 x1
Sailor Mini LV1 x1
Sailor Sandals LV1 x1
Dianthus Wealcap LV1 x1
Dianthus Wealcoat LV1 x1
Dianthus Wealsleeves LV1 x1
Dianthus Wealskirt LV1 x1
Dianthus Wealpants LV1 x1
Campanile Wealcap LV1 x1
Campanile Wealcoat LV1 x1
Campanile Wealsleeves LV1 x1
Campanile Wealskirt LV1 x1
Campanile Wealpants LV1 x1
Gourmew Sarong S LV1 x1
Gourmew Apron S LV1 x1
Gourmew Sarong S LV1 x1
Gourmew Apron S LV1 x1
Toka Kabuto LV1 x2
Toka Doate LV1 x2
Toka Kote LV1 x2
Toka Koshiate LV1 x2
Toka Gusoku LV1 x2
Mitsuaoi Kabuto LV1 x2
Mitsuaoi Doate LV1 x2
Mitsuaoi Kote LV1 x2
Mitsuaoi Koshiate LV1 x2
Mitsuaoi Gusoku LV1 x2
Yukumo Kasa LV12 x1
Yukumo Kasa LV5 x1
Yukumo Dogi LV5 x1
Yukumo Dogi LV12 x1
Yukumo Kote LV12 x1
Yukumo Kote LV5 x1
Yukumo Obi LV12 x1
Yukumo Obi LV5 x1
Yukumo Hakama LV5 x1
Yukumo Hakama LV12 x1
Dianthus Cap LV10 x1
Dianthus Cap LV4 x1
Dianthus Jacket LV10 x1
Dianthus Jacket LV4 x1
Dianthus Sleeves LV10 x1
Dianthus Sleeves LV4 x1
Dianthus Skirt LV10 x1
Dianthus Skirt LV4 x1
Dianthus Pants LV10 x1
Dianthus Pants LV4 x1
Campanile Cap LV10 x1
Campanile Cap LV4 x1
Campanile Jacket LV10 x1
Campanile Jacket LV4 x1
Campanile Sleeves LV10 x1
Campanile Sleeves LV4 x1
Campanile Skirt LV10 x1
Campanile Skirt LV4 x1
Campanile Pants LV10 x1
Campanile Pants LV4 x1
Bath Towel LV10 x1
Bath Towel LV4 x1
Bath Robe LV4 x1
Bath Robe LV10 x1
Bath Sleeves LV10 x1
Bath Sleeves LV4 x1
Bath Sandals LV10 x1
Bath Sandals LV4 x1
Yukumo Sky Kasa LV8 x1
Yukumo Sky Kasa LV4 x1
Yukumo Sky Dogi LV8 x1
Yukumo Sky Dogi LV4 x1
Yukumo Sky Kote LV8 x1
Yukumo Sky Kote LV4 x1
Yukumo Sky Obi LV8 x1
Yukumo Sky Obi LV4 x1
Yukumo Sky Hakama LV8 x1
Yukumo Sky Hakama LV4 x1
Yukumo Land Kasa LV8 x1
Yukumo Land Kasa LV4 x1
Yukumo Land Dogi LV4 x1
Yukumo Land Dogi LV8 x1
Yukumo Land Kote LV8 x1
Yukumo Land Kote LV4 x1
Yukumo Land Obi LV8 x1
Yukumo Land Obi LV4 x1
Yukumo Land Hakama LV4 x1
Yukumo Land Hakama LV8 x1
Luxury Bath Towel LV8 x1
Luxury Bath Towel LV4 x1
Luxury Bath Robe LV8 x1
Luxury Bath Robe LV4 x1
Luxury Bath Sleeves LV4 x1
Luxury Bath Sleeves LV8 x1
Luxury Bath Sandals LV8 x1
Luxury Bath Sandals LV4 x1
Toka Kabuto LV7 x1
Toka Kabuto LV5 x1
Toka Doate LV5 x1
Toka Doate LV7 x1
Toka Kote LV7 x1
Toka Kote LV5 x1
Toka Koshiate LV7 x1
Toka Koshiate LV5 x1
Toka Gusoku LV5 x1
Toka Gusoku LV7 x1
Mitsuaoi Kabuto LV7 x1
Mitsuaoi Kabuto LV5 x1
Mitsuaoi Doate LV7 x1
Mitsuaoi Doate LV5 x1
Mitsuaoi Kote LV7 x1
Mitsuaoi Kote LV5 x1
Mitsuaoi Koshiate LV7 x1
Mitsuaoi Koshiate LV5 x1
Mitsuaoi Gusoku LV7 x1
Mitsuaoi Gusoku LV5 x1
Hayabusa Feather LV5 x2
Hayabusa Feather LV7 x1
Water Earring LV7 x1
Water Earring LV5 x2

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