Iodrome Violet Shard

An Iodrome scale of the highest caliber, proven by its deep hue, virtually black.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,200z Iodrome LV3 Ioprey LV3 Bird Wyvern LV3

Hub G3 // Laughter is Not the Best Antidote Reward1 x1 13%
Hub G2 // Minion's Devotion Reward1 x1 5%
Hunters for Hire
Poisonous Pest Reward1 x1 24%
Poisonous Pest Reward2 x1 23%
G Rank Iodrome Body Carve x1 33%
G Rank Iodrome Shiny Drop x1 20%
Meownster Hunters
G Rank Iodrome x2 20%

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