Seltas Cortex

A thick but shockingly light piece of exoskeleton made of shock-resistant layers.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,980z Seltas LV3

Hub G1 // A Brush with Bugs Reward1 x1 100%
Hub G1 // A Brush with Bugs Reward2 x1 100%
Hub G1 // A Brush with Bugs Reward1 x1 10%
Hub G1 // A Brush with Bugs Reward2 x1 10%
Hub G3 // Strutting the Royal Runway Sub x1 10%
Hub G4 // Seltas Spat Reward1 x1 7%
Hunters for Hire
A Brush with Bugs Reward1 x1 100%
A Brush with Bugs Reward2 x1 100%
A Brush with Bugs Reward1 x1 10%
A Brush with Bugs Reward2 x1 10%
G Rank Seltas Body Carve x1 55%
G Rank Seltas Wound Head x1 25%
G Rank Seltas Capture x1 20%
Meownster Hunters
G Rank Seltas x1 50%

Charge Blade Galvanisect LV4 Key x4
Insect Glaive Belsect Happa LV4 x5
Sword & Shield Celestial Brand LV4 Key x3
Hammer Boosted Hammer LV4 Key x5
Dual Blades Lobster Piercers LV6 x3
Dual Blades Whirlitricks LV5 x4
Charge Blade Full Blackguard LV7 x4
Charge Blade Galvanisect LV5 x3
Insect Glaive Belsect Happa LV5 x3
Insect Glaive Magia Crescent LV6 x2
Hunting Horn Vicello Unu (R) LV7 x2
Hunting Horn Webbed Cornupion LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Seltas Cannon LV4 x4
Heavy Bowgun Ladybug Mortar LV4 x6
Light Bowgun Insect Vulcan LV4 x3
Sword & Shield Celestial Brand LV5 x2
Hammer Boosted Hammer LV5 x4
Hammer Prison Hammer LV4 x2
Bow Arko Unu (Y) LV6 x4
Bow Arko Unu (W) LV6 x4
Bow Hulking Haze LV4 x4
Bow Arachnid Silverstring LV5 x4
Gunlance Mighty Cornpopper LV5 x3
Vespoid Helm GX LV1 x2
Vespoid Tassets GX LV1 x2
Vespoid Cap GX LV1 x2
Vespoid Coat GX LV1 x2
Obituary Vertex S LV9 x1
Obituary Thorax S LV9 x1
Obituary Brachia S LV9 x1
Obituary Elytra S LV9 x1
Obituary Crura S LV9 x1
Obituary Clypeus S LV9 x1
Obituary Pleuron S LV9 x1
Obituary Manus S LV9 x1
Obituary Alae S LV9 x1
Obituary Tarsi S LV9 x1
Butterfly Vertex S LV9 x1
Butterfly Thorax S LV9 x1
Butterfly Brachia S LV9 x1
Butterfly Elytra S LV9 x1
Butterfly Crura S LV9 x1
Butterfly Clypeus S LV9 x1
Butterfly Pleuron S LV9 x1
Butterfly Manus S LV9 x1
Butterfly Alae S LV9 x1
Butterfly Tarsi S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Vertex S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Thorax S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Brachia S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Elytra S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Crura S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Clypeus S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Pleuron S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Manus S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Alae S LV9 x1
Aelucanth Tarsi S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Vertex S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Thorax S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Brachia S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Elytra S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Crura S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Clypeus S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Pleuron S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Manus S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Alae S LV9 x1
Rhopessa Tarsi S LV9 x1
Skalda Vertex S LV9 x1
Skalda Thorax S LV9 x1
Skalda Brachia S LV9 x1
Skalda Elytra S LV9 x1
Skalda Crura S LV9 x1
Skalda Clypeus S LV9 x1
Skalda Pleuron S LV9 x1
Skalda Manus S LV9 x1
Skalda Alae S LV9 x1
Skalda Tarsi S LV9 x1
Spio Vertex S LV9 x1
Spio Thorax S LV9 x1
Spio Brachia S LV9 x1
Spio Elytra S LV9 x1
Spio Crura S LV9 x1
Spio Clypeus S LV9 x1
Spio Pleuron S LV9 x1
Spio Manus S LV9 x1
Spio Alae S LV9 x1
Spio Tarsi S LV9 x1

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