Supple Piel

A flexible, elastic hide from a leviathan. A useful material that requires effort to obtain.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,380z Ludroth LV3 Uroktor LV3

Hub G3 // Hunter Dojo: Tail-do Sub x2 18%
Hub G1 // Water Fight Sub x2 14%
Hub G3 // Volcano Furrontier Reward1 x2 6%
Hunters for Hire
Lavaclad Beast Reward1 x2 9%
Lavaclad Beast Reward2 x2 9%
Royal Ludroth Hunt Reward1 x2 7%
Royal Ludroth Hunt Reward2 x2 7%
G Rank Ludroth Body Carve x1 32%
G Rank Uroktor Body Carve x1 10%

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