Gammoth Fang

A large fang taken from a Gammoth. Valued for being tough, yet still pliable.

Rare 4 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,350z Gammoth LV1

Village 5★ // The Unwavering Colossus Reward1 x1 14%
Village 5★ // The Unwavering Colossus Sub x1 14%
Hub 3★ // Fury Run Afoul Reward1 x1 14%
Hub 3★ // Fury Run Afoul Sub x1 14%
Village 6★ // The Fated Four Reward1 x1 8%
Hunters for Hire
Fury Run Afoul Reward1 x1 14%
Fury Run Afoul Reward2 x1 14%
Low Rank Gammoth Body Carve x1 15%
Low Rank Gammoth Wound Head x1 50%
High Rank Gammoth Wound Head x2 6%

Charge Blade Giant's Edge LV1 Key x4
Hunting Horn Giant's Koto LV1 Key x2
Heavy Bowgun Giant's Cannon LV1 Key x2
Light Bowgun Giant's Blaster LV1 x2
Long Sword Giant's Tower LV1 x2
Great Sword Giant's Slicer LV1 Key x2
Sword & Shield Giant's Tusk LV1 Key x3
Hammer Giant's Hammer LV1 x2
Bow Giant's Bow LV1 x3
Charge Blade Desertfall LV3 x4
Insect Glaive Rage Cudgel LV2 x2
Heavy Bowgun Bone Shooter LV6 x2
Long Sword Anteka Blade LV3 x2
Sword & Shield Brash Buddies LV3 x2
Hammer Conehead Hammer LV2 x2
Lance Wild Boar Lance LV3 x2
Lance Giant's Jouster LV2 x2
Switch Axe Wild Axe LV3 x2
Switch Axe Giant's Axe LV2 x4
Gunlance Red Devil Gunlance LV3 x2
Gunlance Giant's Artillery LV2 x3

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