Najarala Cortex

The hardest part of the carapace. Multiple, layered plates provide durability.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 4,320z Najarala LV3

Hub G2 // A Coil to Arms Sub x1 26%
Hub G2 // A Coil to Arms Reward1 x1 26%
Hub G2 // March Melancolico Reward1 x1 26%
Hub G3 // ...Or Just Wait for It to Poop Reward1 x1 8%
Hub G4 // Verdant Hills Missive Reward1 x2 6%
Hunters for Hire
Noise Violation Reward1 x1 27%
Noise Violation Reward2 x1 26%
G Rank Najarala Body Carve x1 50%
G Rank Najarala Wound Leg x1 48%
G Rank Najarala Wound Back x1 33%
G Rank Najarala Capture x1 28%
Meownster Hunters
G Rank Najarala x1 50%

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