Gravios Wing

A hefty-looking Gravios wing. Its value is on the up due to its uses in crafting.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 2,400z Gravios LV2

High Rank Gravios Wound Wings x1 52%
High Rank Gravios Wound Back x1 30%
High Rank Gravios Wound Wings x2 18%
High Rank Gravios Capture x1 12%
G Rank Gravios Wound Wings x2 8%
Meownster Hunters
High Rank Gravios x1 20%

Insect Glaive Graviafaren LV1 x4
Heavy Bowgun Gravios Howl LV1 x4
Heavy Bowgun Arbahefty LV1 x2
Sword & Shield Flame Syphos LV1 x3
Lance Gravios Spear LV1 x4
Gunlance White Gunlance LV1 x4
Light Bowgun Titan Launcher LV2 x2
Hammer Gigaton Hammer LV2 x3
Hammer Graviton Hammer LV3 x3
Gunlance White Gunlance LV1 x3

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