Hyper Keenfang

A sharp and weighty fang from a Hyper Monster, it's black all over and extremely robust.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 4,800z Hyper LV3

Dual Blades Tigrex Claws LV6 x3
Dual Blades Colossus's Daggers LV8 x3
Dual Blades Smoldering Kingdoms LV8 x3
Dual Blades Silverwind Daggers LV14 x2
Charge Blade Tigrex Blade LV6 x3
Charge Blade Glavenus Bardred LV8 x3
Insect Glaive Master's Rage Cudgel LV6 x3
Insect Glaive Glavenus Helldait LV8 x3
Hunting Horn Tigrex Horn LV6 x3
Hunting Horn Grand Dodotto Horn LV7 x4
Hunting Horn Colossus's Koto LV8 x3
Hunting Horn Glavenus Horn LV8 x3
Heavy Bowgun Tigrex Skull LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Thunderblitz Cannon LV6 x2
Heavy Bowgun Despot's Paroxysm LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Glavenus Scorcher LV6 x2
Heavy Bowgun Dawn's Rage LV14 x2
Light Bowgun Tail Launcher LV7 x2
Light Bowgun Tigrex Wargun LV6 x2
Light Bowgun Colossus's Blaster LV6 x3
Light Bowgun Daybreak's Gaze LV14 x2
Long Sword Accomplished Abetter LV5 x2
Long Sword Serrated Chasm LV11 x4
Long Sword Tigrine Need LV6 x3
Long Sword Darkness Within LV9 x3
Long Sword Aqua Scythe LV5 x3
Long Sword Glavenus Hellraiser LV8 x3
Long Sword Crystal Rabbit LV14 x2
Long Sword Treacherous Swirl LV14 x2
Great Sword Dark of Night LV7 x3
Great Sword Wyvern Gnasher LV5 x3
Great Sword Blade of Tartarus LV8 x2
Great Sword Tigrex Great Sword LV6 x3
Great Sword Saffron Serpentroar LV9 x2
Great Sword Amaranth Battlefang LV9 x4
Great Sword Poison Serpentblade LV7 x2
Great Sword Glavenus Array LV8 x3
Great Sword Radiant Sword LV14 x2
Sword & Shield Serpent Soul LV9 x2
Sword & Shield Panja Sedition LV4 x4
Sword & Shield Cocksure Compatriots LV8 x4
Sword & Shield Glinting Glavenus LV8 x3
Sword & Shield Official Truncheon LV14 x2
Sword & Shield Silverwind Edge LV14 x2
Sword & Shield Exalted Falchion LV3 x4
Hammer Skullsploder LV8 x4
Hammer Retribution Hammer LV8 x4
Hammer Wild Bull Crusher LV9 x2
Hammer Night Eternal LV7 x2
Hammer Glavenus's Uruga LV8 x3
Hammer Silverwind Hammer LV14 x2
Lance Night Rains Black LV7 x2
Lance Glavenus Granat LV8 x3
Bow Jinx Bow LV5 x2
Bow Ashen Pride LV6 x3
Bow Ample Bowfish LV7 x3
Bow Moonless Dawn LV14 x2
Bow Kayachacha Slinger LV2 x2
Switch Axe Giganto-Dasher LV8 x2
Switch Axe Colossus's Axe LV8 x3
Switch Axe Glavenus's Grimace LV8 x3
Gunlance Blue Devil Opus LV5 x2
Gunlance Tigrex Gunlance LV6 x3
Gunlance Demonic Blizzard LV7 x2
Gunlance Glavenus Brewer LV8 x3
Gunlance Sleeper Duke LV4 x2

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