Hyper Charged Shell

A charged shell from a Hyper monster, it's darker and stronger than normal.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,500z Hyper LV2

Dual Blades Guillotines LV5 x4
Dual Blades Levin Acrus LV5 x4
Dual Blades Twin Bolts LV5 x3
Dual Blades Raiden Daggers LV9 x2
Charge Blade Die Walküre LV3 x3
Charge Blade Vankrom Blade LV5 x4
Charge Blade Axela Blade LV5 x3
Insect Glaive Full Bolt Chamber LV6 x2
Insect Glaive Astalos Cudgel LV5 x3
Hunting Horn Lagia Thunderpeal LV5 x3
Hunting Horn Emerald Flap LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Lord's Shot LV9 x2
Light Bowgun Khezu Hypo LV5 x2
Light Bowgun Arm Cannon LV2 x2
Long Sword Devil Slicer LV6 x2
Long Sword Heaven's Thunder LV5 x2
Long Sword Wyvern Blade "Beryl" LV5 x3
Long Sword Light Works LV2 x2
Great Sword Khezu Shock Blade LV5 x2
Great Sword Verdant Wing LV5 x3
Great Sword Thunderlord Gekirai LV9 x2
Great Sword Fox Blade LV2 x3
Sword & Shield Painful Razor LV5 x2
Sword & Shield High Lagia Sword LV5 x4
Sword & Shield Verdant Rapier LV5 x3
Sword & Shield Thunderlord Firebolt LV9 x2
Hammer Super Nova LV5 x5
Hammer Boosted Hammer LV4 x2
Hammer High Vortex Hammer LV5 x3
Hammer Bag o' Thunder LV5 x2
Hammer Emerald Beater LV5 x3
Hammer Thunder Works LV2 x2
Lance Verdant Tail LV5 x3
Lance Thunderlord Tenrai LV9 x2
Lance Electrode LV3 x2
Bow Galvanized Core LV5 x2
Switch Axe High Bolt Axe LV5 x4
Switch Axe The Power Shredder LV5 x3
Switch Axe Voltaic Axe LV5 x3
Gunlance High Volt Gunlance LV5 x2
Gunlance Verdant Rook LV5 x3
Gunlance Raiden Cannon LV9 x2

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