Large Herbivore Bone

The thick, sturdy bone of a herbivore. Up there with the best of them.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 630z Herbivore LV3 Rhenoplos LV3 Bone LV3

G Rank Apceros Body Carve x1 30%
G Rank Rhenoplos Body Carve x1 30%
G Rank Slagtoth Body Carve x1 20%

Charge Blade Kaiser Blade LV8 x5
Insect Glaive Aerial Glaive LV8 x4
Hammer Barroth Hammer LV3 x6
Insect Glaive Highest of Glaives LV4 x2
Hunting Horn Resonant Ocarina LV6 x4
Heavy Bowgun Bone Buster LV9 x5
Heavy Bowgun Marino Cannon LV6 x4
Sword & Shield Cocky Comrades LV7 x8
Hammer Heavy Bone Bludgeon LV7 x4
Hammer Heavy Bone Bludgeon LV8 x8
Hammer Huge Bone Bludgeon LV9 x12
Lance Rhenohasta LV7 x5
Bow Caraphaze LV5 x4
Bow Hunter's Proudbow LV10 x3
Gunlance Bamboo Lionsbane LV5 x8
Bone Greaves X LV1 x2
Bone Leggings X LV1 x2
Slagtoth Hood X LV1 Key x2
Slagtoth Cloak X LV1 Key x2
Slagtoth Cowl X LV1 Key x2
Slagtoth Wrap X LV1 Key x2
Rhenoplos Helm X LV1 Key x2
Rhenoplos Mail X LV1 Key x2
Rhenoplos Braces X LV1 Key x2
Rhenoplos Coil X LV1 Key x1
Rhenoplos Greaves X LV1 Key x1
Rhenoplos Cap X LV1 Key x2
Rhenoplos Vest X LV1 Key x2
Rhenoplos Guards X LV1 Key x2
Rhenoplos Coat X LV1 Key x1
Rhenoplos Leggings X LV1 Key x1
Tetsucabra Mail X LV1 x3
Tetsucabra Faulds X LV1 x3
Tetsucabra Vest X LV1 x3
Tetsucabra Coat X LV1 x3
Strider's Girdle LV1 x4
Deadeye's Girdle LV1 x4
Slagtoth Hood LV12 x1
Slagtoth Hood LV9 x1
Slagtoth Cloak LV12 x1
Slagtoth Cloak LV9 x1
Slagtoth Cowl LV12 x1
Slagtoth Cowl LV9 x1
Slagtoth Wrap LV12 x1
Slagtoth Wrap LV9 x1
Larinoth Mask S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Helm S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Helm S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Mail S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Mail S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Braces S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Braces S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Coil S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Coil S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Greaves S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Greaves S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Cap S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Cap S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Vest S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Vest S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Guards S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Guards S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Coat S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Coat S LV9 x1
Rhenoplos Leggings S LV12 x1
Rhenoplos Leggings S LV9 x1
Slagtoth Hood X LV7 x1
Slagtoth Cloak X LV7 x1
Slagtoth Cowl X LV7 x1
Slagtoth Wrap X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Helm X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Mail X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Braces X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Coil X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Greaves X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Cap X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Vest X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Guards X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Coat X LV7 x1
Rhenoplos Leggings X LV7 x1
Larinoth Mask X LV7 x1

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