Scorching Pleura

A burning chestplate tempered for ages. The various ores fused within are the key to its strength.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 6,480z Agnaktor LV3 Uroktor LV3

Hub G4 // Lavaclad Beast Sub x1 17%
Hub G4 // Lavaclad Beast Reward1 x1 17%
Hub G4 // A Titanic Clash Reward1 x1 17%
Hub G4 // Agnaktor's Deep Reward1 x1 10%
Hunters for Hire
Lavaclad Beast Reward1 x1 10%
Lavaclad Beast Reward2 x1 10%
Hammer Strikes and Fire Pikes Reward1 x1 10%
Hammer Strikes and Fire Pikes Reward2 x1 9%
G Rank Agnaktor Body Carve x1 18%
G Rank Agnaktor Wound Chest x1 48%
G Rank Agnaktor Capture x1 13%

Dual Blades Salamanders LV4 x2
Dual Blades Unquenchable Flames LV8 x2
Dual Blades Ignis Noire LV1 x4
Charge Blade Volclatero Axe LV5 x2
Insect Glaive Prime Garia LV5 x3
Hunting Horn Brandoneon LV4 x1
Hunting Horn Magma Alphorn LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Queen's Scionfire LV6 x2
Heavy Bowgun Gigantic Kut-Ku Cannon LV7 x3
Heavy Bowgun Meteor Shower LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Aquamatic "Ashmaker" LV5 x5
Heavy Bowgun Shamballa's Treasure LV5 x2
Light Bowgun Kut-Ku Rampage LV8 x3
Light Bowgun Uroktor Tempest LV6 x2
Light Bowgun Rathling Phoenix LV8 x3
Light Bowgun Airship Blaster LV6 x3
Light Bowgun Calabash Shot LV6 x2
Great Sword Igneous Edge LV5 x2
Hammer Burning Crusher LV4 x4
Hammer Obsidian Frying Pan LV6 x2
Bow Dark Filament LV6 x3
Switch Axe Rath Blaze Splitter LV7 x3
Switch Axe Terror Bird Axe LV6 x2
Gunlance Lava Blaster LV5 x2
Gunlance Sol Bite Burst LV11 x2
Gunlance Praetorian Guardlance LV8 x4
Gunlance War Marshal LV8 x1

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