Heavy Astalos Shell

The spiny shell of an Astalos that covers it like armor. Try to keep a safe distance!

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 5,220z Astalos LV3

G Rank Astalos Body Carve x1 20%
G Rank Boltreaver Astalos Body Carve x1 20%
G Rank Astalos Wound Back x1 56%
G Rank Boltreaver Astalos Wound Back x1 51%
G Rank Astalos Capture x1 22%
G Rank Boltreaver Astalos Capture x1 22%
Meownster Hunters
G Rank Astalos x1 20%

Charge Blade Axebolt Edge LV1 x3
Heavy Bowgun Boltreaver Cannon LV1 x3
Long Sword Wyvern Blade "Corund" LV1 x4
Great Sword Zephra Wing LV1 x5
Bow Zephra Bow LV1 x3
Gunlance Zephra Rook LV1 x3
Charge Blade Harbarex Blade LV7 x4
Insect Glaive Thunderstorm Cudgel LV7 x2
Insect Glaive Boltreaver Glaive LV2 x3
Heavy Bowgun Wyvern Shocker LV5 x4
Long Sword Wyvern Blade "Emerald" LV7 x5
Great Sword Astalos Elecblade LV7 x5
Hammer Spiked Glory LV9 x4
Hammer Astalos Smasher LV7 x4
Lance Lightning Spear LV7 x4
Bow Dark Lightning LV5 x3
Gunlance Dark Chariot LV7 x4

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