Sharqskin Scale

Zamite skin that feels smooth or coarse depending on which way you rub it.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 360z Zamtrios LV2

Village 8★ // A Seaway Just for You Sub x1 40%
Hub 5★ // Fin Finder Sub x1 40%
Hub 5★ // Must Love Lagombi Sub x1 40%
Hub 5★ // Zamite Fight Reward1 x1 40%
Hub 5★ // Liver and Let Die Reward1 x1 40%
Hub 6★ // Frozen Seaway Accounting Sub x1 40%
Hub G2 // Zamite Fright Reward1 x1 38%
Hub 5★ // Calm, Cool, and Collected Reward1 x1 30%
Hunters for Hire
Fin Finder Reward1 x1 19%
Fin Finder Reward2 x1 19%
Fin Finder Reward1 x2 15%
Fin Finder Reward2 x2 15%
High Rank Zamite Body Carve x1 15%
G Rank Zamite Body Carve x1 15%
Low Rank Zamite Body Carve x1 10%

Insect Glaive Névé Rod LV1 x8
Sword & Shield Sharkutter LV1 x5
Dual Blades Cool Cleavers LV1 x8
Charge Blade Guardsqual LV1 x8
Charge Blade Snowy Veil LV5 x6
Insect Glaive Névé Rod LV3 x5
Hunting Horn Poli'ahu Pipe LV3 x5
Sword & Shield Petrified Sword LV7 x3
Sword & Shield Serpent Bite LV5 x5
Lance Thane Lance LV6 x5
Lance Sharq Byte LV3 x8
Bow Blue Alighter LV1 x4
Switch Axe Notched Tyrant LV1 x8

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