Hyper Flame Sac

A flame sac from a Hyper monster, it's darker and stronger than normal.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,500z Hyper LV2

Dual Blades Firestorm LV2 x3
Dual Blades Spicy Dango LV2 x2
Charge Blade Dear Regina LV9 x2
Charge Blade Dreaded Blade LV9 x2
Insect Glaive Garia Club LV2 x1
Hunting Horn Vicello Unu (R) LV5 x3
Hunting Horn Royal Horn LV9 x2
Hunting Horn Tomb Horn LV9 x2
Heavy Bowgun Elite Bowgun LV3 x3
Heavy Bowgun Rock Eater LV2 x3
Light Bowgun Crookneck Shot LV4 x2
Light Bowgun Melynx Ragdoll LV4 x1
Light Bowgun Rathian Fire LV9 x2
Light Bowgun Dreadking Blaster LV9 x2
Light Bowgun Grenade Launcher LV2 x3
Long Sword Tomb Saber LV9 x2
Great Sword Spartacus Blade LV2 x3
Great Sword Flamelord Wing LV9 x2
Sword & Shield Secta Unu (R) LV5 x3
Sword & Shield Tomb Edge LV9 x2
Hammer Shot Crusher LV2 x5
Hammer Ham of Hams LV3 x2
Hammer Pumpking LV3 x2
Hammer Tomb Hammer LV9 x2
Lance Gruyère Lance LV4 x3
Lance Groad Tail LV9 x2
Lance Discovery Corps Lance LV3 x3
Bow Royal Blaster LV9 x2
Bow Dread Bow LV9 x2
Switch Axe Motor Burst LV4 x3
Switch Axe Tomb Axe LV9 x2
Gunlance General's Arbalance LV3 x3
Gunlance Fiore Unu (R) LV5 x3
Gunlance Venomous Cologne LV3 x3
Gunlance Bamboo Lionsbane LV4 x2
Gunlance Cornpopper LV3 x2
Gunlance Pincher Cannon LV9 x2
Gunlance Tomb Gunlance LV9 x2

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