Aqua Sac

A monster organ designed to hold and preserve water.

Rare 4 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 170z Monster LV1

Dual Blades Whirlitwists LV1 x4
Charge Blade Schildsect LV1 x4
Insect Glaive Sect Happa LV1 x4
Insect Glaive Mind Stick LV1 x5
Hunting Horn Kecha Whappa LV1 x4
Great Sword Thrash Sword LV1 x4
Gunlance Monsieur Gore LV1 x4
Dual Blades Plesioth Cutlasses LV1 x5
Dual Blades Ludroth Pair LV2 x4
Insect Glaive Royal Bloom LV2 x3
Insect Glaive Sand Anchor LV2 x4
Hunting Horn Droth Drone LV2 x3
Light Bowgun Royal Launcher LV3 x5
Light Bowgun Springnight Shot LV2 x5
Long Sword Curviscera LV1 x4
Great Sword Cataclysm Sword LV2 x3
Sword & Shield Royal Claw LV2 x3
Hammer Ludroth Splashhammer LV2 x4
Lance Spiral Lance LV2 x4
Lance Expelger LV1 x3
Lance Vacuum Striker LV2 x5
Bow Feminine Haze LV1 x5
Bow Spongia Bow LV2 x2
Switch Axe Vavoom Axe LV1 x3
Switch Axe Ludroth Axe LV2 x4

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