R.Ludroth Claw+

A sharp, pointed Royal Ludroth claw. It plunges deep into the earth with each step taken.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,740z Royal Ludroth LV2 Ludroth LV2

Charge Blade Lagia Storm LV3 x4
Insect Glaive Royal Bloom LV3 x4
Hunting Horn Droth Drone LV3 x3
Heavy Bowgun Lagia Blitz LV2 x2
Light Bowgun Obsidian Shooter LV3 x2
Long Sword Drowning Shaft LV3 x5
Great Sword Cataclysm Sword LV3 x3
Sword & Shield Royal Claw LV3 x3
Hammer Ludroth Splashhammer LV3 x4
Lance Spiral Lance LV3 x4
Switch Axe Ludroth Axe LV3 x3
Switch Axe Rex Slasher LV2 x5

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