Najarala Ampsounder

A special plate that ampli- fies sound, getting messages across loud and clear.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 7,380z Najarala LV3

Hub G2 // A Coil to Arms Sub x1 15%
Hub G2 // A Coil to Arms Reward1 x1 15%
Hub G2 // March Melancolico Reward1 x1 15%
Hub G3 // ...Or Just Wait for It to Poop Reward1 x2 7%
Hub G4 // Arena Allegiances Reward1 x2 7%
Hub G4 // Verdant Hills Missive Reward1 x1 6%
Hunters for Hire
Noise Violation Reward1 x1 16%
Noise Violation Reward2 x1 15%
G Rank Najarala Wound Back x1 56%
G Rank Najarala Wound Tail x1 52%
G Rank Najarala Capture x1 20%

Insect Glaive Needle Vine LV6 x3
Hunting Horn Energetic Bagpipe LV9 x5
Hunting Horn Dangerous Haar LV6 x4
Hunting Horn Parahazard Call LV4 x2
Hunting Horn Discovery Horn LV4 x3
Heavy Bowgun Biting Blast LV5 x4
Long Sword Coiled Pulse Nail LV6 x3
Long Sword Paracoiled Saber LV4 x3
Great Sword Grand Skraga LV6 x3
Sword & Shield Paraspiked Circle LV6 x3
Sword & Shield Catlike Tread LV6 x2
Hammer Catastrophic Portent LV7 x3
Lance Writhing Crawler LV6 x2
Lance Paratwist Crawler LV4 x3
Lance Mycetic Stupor LV6 x2
Switch Axe Flick Helix LV6 x3
Switch Axe Paraflick Axe LV4 x3

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