Great Hornfly

An insect with a giant horn, massive shell, and wings of butterfly-like beauty.

Rare 5 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 60z

Light Bowgun Beast Sniper LV1 Key x1
Long Sword Great Hornfly Saber LV1 Key x1
Light Bowgun Beast Sniper LV2 x1
Light Bowgun Beast Blaster LV4 x2
Light Bowgun Beast Blaster LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Beast Sharpshooter LV6 x2
Long Sword Great Hornfly Saber LV2 x1
Long Sword Master Hornfly Saber LV4 x2
Obituary Vertex LV1 Key x1
Obituary Thorax LV1 Key x1
Obituary Brachia LV1 Key x1
Obituary Elytra LV1 Key x1
Obituary Crura LV1 Key x1
Obituary Clypeus LV1 Key x1
Obituary Pleuron LV1 Key x1
Obituary Manus LV1 Key x1
Obituary Alae LV1 Key x1
Obituary Tarsi LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Vertex LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Thorax LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Brachia LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Elytra LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Crura LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Clypeus LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Pleuron LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Manus LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Alae LV1 Key x1
Butterfly Tarsi LV1 Key x1
Obituary Vertex S LV1 x2
Obituary Thorax S LV1 x3
Obituary Brachia S LV1 x2
Obituary Elytra S LV1 x3
Obituary Crura S LV1 x2
Obituary Clypeus S LV1 x2
Obituary Pleuron S LV1 x3
Obituary Manus S LV1 x2
Obituary Alae S LV1 x3
Obituary Tarsi S LV1 x2
Butterfly Vertex S LV1 x2
Butterfly Thorax S LV1 x3
Butterfly Brachia S LV1 x2
Butterfly Elytra S LV1 x3
Butterfly Crura S LV1 x2
Butterfly Clypeus S LV1 x2
Butterfly Pleuron S LV1 x3
Butterfly Manus S LV1 x2
Butterfly Alae S LV1 x3
Butterfly Tarsi S LV1 x2
Obituary Vertex X LV1 x2
Obituary Thorax X LV1 x3
Obituary Brachia X LV1 x2
Obituary Elytra X LV1 x3
Obituary Crura X LV1 x2
Obituary Clypeus X LV1 x2
Obituary Pleuron X LV1 x3
Obituary Manus X LV1 x2
Obituary Alae X LV1 x3
Obituary Tarsi X LV1 x2
Butterfly Vertex X LV1 x2
Butterfly Thorax X LV1 x3
Butterfly Brachia X LV1 x2
Butterfly Elytra X LV1 x3
Butterfly Crura X LV1 x2
Butterfly Clypeus X LV1 x2
Butterfly Pleuron X LV1 x3
Butterfly Manus X LV1 x2
Butterfly Alae X LV1 x3
Butterfly Tarsi X LV1 x2
Obituary Vertex LV10 x1
Obituary Vertex LV4 x1
Obituary Thorax LV4 x1
Obituary Thorax LV10 x1
Obituary Brachia LV10 x1
Obituary Brachia LV4 x1
Obituary Elytra LV10 x1
Obituary Elytra LV4 x1
Obituary Crura LV4 x1
Obituary Crura LV10 x1
Obituary Clypeus LV10 x1
Obituary Clypeus LV4 x1
Obituary Pleuron LV10 x1
Obituary Pleuron LV4 x1
Obituary Manus LV10 x1
Obituary Manus LV4 x1
Obituary Alae LV10 x1
Obituary Alae LV4 x1
Obituary Tarsi LV10 x1
Obituary Tarsi LV4 x1
Butterfly Vertex LV10 x1
Butterfly Vertex LV4 x1
Butterfly Thorax LV4 x1
Butterfly Thorax LV10 x1
Butterfly Brachia LV10 x1
Butterfly Brachia LV4 x1
Butterfly Elytra LV10 x1
Butterfly Elytra LV4 x1
Butterfly Crura LV10 x1
Butterfly Crura LV4 x1
Butterfly Clypeus LV10 x1
Butterfly Clypeus LV4 x1
Butterfly Pleuron LV10 x1
Butterfly Pleuron LV4 x1
Butterfly Manus LV10 x1
Butterfly Manus LV4 x1
Butterfly Alae LV10 x1
Butterfly Alae LV4 x1
Butterfly Tarsi LV10 x1
Butterfly Tarsi LV4 x1
Obituary Vertex S LV8 x1
Obituary Vertex S LV4 x1
Obituary Vertex S LV12 x1
Obituary Thorax S LV12 x1
Obituary Thorax S LV8 x1
Obituary Thorax S LV4 x1
Obituary Brachia S LV12 x1
Obituary Brachia S LV8 x1
Obituary Brachia S LV4 x1
Obituary Elytra S LV8 x1
Obituary Elytra S LV4 x1
Obituary Elytra S LV12 x1
Obituary Crura S LV12 x1
Obituary Crura S LV8 x1
Obituary Crura S LV4 x1
Obituary Clypeus S LV12 x1
Obituary Clypeus S LV8 x1
Obituary Clypeus S LV4 x1
Obituary Pleuron S LV8 x1
Obituary Pleuron S LV4 x1
Obituary Pleuron S LV12 x1
Obituary Manus S LV12 x1
Obituary Manus S LV8 x1
Obituary Manus S LV4 x1
Obituary Alae S LV12 x1
Obituary Alae S LV8 x1
Obituary Alae S LV4 x1
Obituary Tarsi S LV12 x1
Obituary Tarsi S LV8 x1
Obituary Tarsi S LV4 x1
Butterfly Vertex S LV4 x1
Butterfly Vertex S LV12 x1
Butterfly Vertex S LV8 x1
Butterfly Thorax S LV12 x1
Butterfly Thorax S LV8 x1
Butterfly Thorax S LV4 x1
Butterfly Brachia S LV12 x1
Butterfly Brachia S LV8 x1
Butterfly Brachia S LV4 x1
Butterfly Elytra S LV8 x1
Butterfly Elytra S LV4 x1
Butterfly Elytra S LV12 x1
Butterfly Crura S LV12 x1
Butterfly Crura S LV8 x1
Butterfly Crura S LV4 x1
Butterfly Clypeus S LV12 x1
Butterfly Clypeus S LV8 x1
Butterfly Clypeus S LV4 x1
Butterfly Pleuron S LV12 x1
Butterfly Pleuron S LV8 x1
Butterfly Pleuron S LV4 x1
Butterfly Manus S LV12 x1
Butterfly Manus S LV8 x1
Butterfly Manus S LV4 x1
Butterfly Alae S LV12 x1
Butterfly Alae S LV8 x1
Butterfly Alae S LV4 x1
Butterfly Tarsi S LV12 x1
Butterfly Tarsi S LV8 x1
Butterfly Tarsi S LV4 x1
Obituary Vertex X LV7 x1
Obituary Thorax X LV7 x1
Obituary Brachia X LV7 x1
Obituary Elytra X LV7 x1
Obituary Crura X LV7 x1
Obituary Clypeus X LV7 x1
Obituary Pleuron X LV7 x1
Obituary Manus X LV7 x1
Obituary Alae X LV7 x1
Obituary Tarsi X LV7 x1
Butterfly Vertex X LV7 x1
Butterfly Thorax X LV7 x1
Butterfly Brachia X LV7 x1
Butterfly Elytra X LV7 x1
Butterfly Crura X LV7 x1
Butterfly Clypeus X LV7 x1
Butterfly Pleuron X LV7 x1
Butterfly Manus X LV7 x1
Butterfly Alae X LV7 x1
Butterfly Tarsi X LV7 x1

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