Lightning Sac

A monster organ that can store electricity as strong as lightning. Rumbles like thunder.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 2,400z Monster LV3

Hub G2 // Chilled to the Marrow Reward1 x1 18%
Hub G2 // The Shadow in the Cave Reward1 x1 18%
Hub G3 // Frozen Seaway Horror Story Reward1 x2 8%
Hunters for Hire
The Walls Have Eyes Reward1 x1 20%
The Walls Have Eyes Reward2 x1 18%
Thunderous Foes Reward1 x1 10%
Thunderous Foes Reward2 x1 9%
G Rank Khezu Body Carve x1 15%
G Rank Khezu Wound Body x1 27%
G Rank Khezu Capture x2 18%

Dual Blades Guillotines LV5 Key x3
Charge Blade Noblest of Lieges LV4 Key x3
Long Sword Rumbalarum LV4 Key x3
Sword & Shield Frightbane LV5 Key x3
Lance Gigadrill Lance LV6 Key x3
Switch Axe The Power Shredder LV5 Key x3
Dual Blades Guillotines LV6 x4
Dual Blades Khezu Skards LV6 x2
Dual Blades Levin Acrus LV6 x2
Charge Blade Noblest of Lieges LV5 x5
Insect Glaive Full Bolt Chamber LV7 x2
Insect Glaive Electric Bayonet LV8 x2
Hunting Horn Droth Roar LV8 x3
Hunting Horn Khezu Flute LV6 x2
Heavy Bowgun Thunderblitz Cannon LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Arbaheftier LV4 x2
Light Bowgun Thundacrus Rex LV4 x3
Long Sword Rumbalarum LV5 x2
Long Sword Devil Slicer LV8 x2
Great Sword Khezu Shock Blade LV6 x3
Sword & Shield Painful Razor LV6 x3
Sword & Shield Frightbane LV6 x4
Sword & Shield High Lagia Sword LV6 x5
Hammer Super Nova LV7 x4
Hammer Bag o' Thunder LV6 x3
Hammer Ukanlos Skysmasher LV4 x5
Lance Gigadrill Lance LV7 x2
Lance Thunderlord Growl LV12 x5
Bow Arko Unu (Y) LV7 x2
Bow Sonic Resonator LV7 x4
Bow Galvanized Core LV6 x3
Switch Axe The Power Shredder LV6 x5
Gunlance High Volt Gunlance LV6 x3
Gunlance Ancient Gyresmite LV6 x3

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