Heavy Mossplate

A Duramboros cortex covered in moss. Its weight and mossy shock absorber make it impenetrable.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 7,920z Duramboros LV3

Hub G4 // Misty Opportunity? Sub x1 22%
Hub G4 // Misty Opportunity? Reward1 x1 22%
Hub G4 // A Titanic Clash Reward2 x1 22%
Hub G4 // Appeal from Authority Reward1 x1 10%
Hunters for Hire
Misty Opportunity? Reward1 x1 23%
Misty Opportunity? Reward2 x1 22%
Hammer and Sickle Reward1 x1 15%
Hammer and Sickle Reward2 x1 12%
G Rank Duramboros Body Carve x1 36%
G Rank Duramboros Shiny Drop x1 20%
G Rank Duramboros Capture x1 32%
G Rank Duramboros Wound Back x1 24%
Meownster Hunters
G Rank Duramboros x1 20%

Dual Blades Actus Maccao LV9 x1
Dual Blades Gyro Wedges LV5 x4
Hunting Horn Harmonious Ocarina LV7 x4
Hunting Horn Mountain Echo LV4 x2
Hunting Horn Fiddlehead Fan LV6 x1
Heavy Bowgun Peaksmasher LV4 x6
Heavy Bowgun Felyne Artillery LV7 x5
Long Sword Wild Heights LV4 x5
Great Sword Aloe Legante LV6 x1
Sword & Shield Dendrotomy LV4 x3
Sword & Shield Dual Cross Brand LV5 x4
Hammer Duramboros Fellmace LV4 x2
Hammer Archambra Fellmace LV1 x2
Lance Temblor Illboros LV4 x3
Lance Rhenoplos Spear LV9 x5
Bow Frozen Solstice LV7 x3
Switch Axe Grunhart LV4 x3
Gunlance Cultured Bandit LV10 x4
Gunlance Seltas Fortitude LV5 x4

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