Large Snowclod

A large clump of snow stuck to a Gammoth's leg. It is very hard and doesn't melt easily.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,590z Gammoth LV2

High Rank Gammoth Shiny Drop x1 20%
High Rank Gammoth Wound Leg x2 30%
High Rank Gammoth Capture x1 28%
G Rank Gammoth Wound Leg x2 10%
G Rank Elderfrost Gammoth Wound Leg x2 10%
G Rank Elderfrost Gammoth Wound Leg x2 10%
G Rank Elderfrost Gammoth Wound Leg x2 10%

Heavy Bowgun Guerrera Cannon LV1 x2
Switch Axe Switch Fox LV1 x3
Dual Blades Gelid Mind LV2 x4
Dual Blades Cleaving Jaws LV3 x1
Dual Blades Snow Sisters LV6 x4
Dual Blades Glacial Medusa LV5 x3
Dual Blades Giant's Daggers LV4 x3
Dual Blades Ukanlos Ruinblades LV2 x5
Charge Blade Guardsqual LV3 x3
Charge Blade Giant's Edge LV4 x3
Insect Glaive Névé Rod LV3 x3
Insect Glaive Giant's Cudgel LV4 x3
Insect Glaive Ukanlos Staff LV2 x5
Hunting Horn Poli'ahu Pipe LV3 x3
Hunting Horn Vicello Nulo (W) LV4 x1
Hunting Horn Giant's Koto LV4 x5
Hunting Horn Ukanlos Horned Flute LV2 x5
Heavy Bowgun Giant's Cannon LV3 x4
Heavy Bowgun Ukanlos Cannon LV2 x5
Heavy Bowgun Guerrera Cannon LV1 x2
Light Bowgun Tail Catapult LV5 x3
Light Bowgun Mandible Blaster LV2 x3
Light Bowgun Giant's Blaster LV3 x4
Light Bowgun Ukanlos Frost Bow LV2 x5
Long Sword Giant's Tower LV4 x1
Long Sword Ukanlos Slicer LV2 x5
Great Sword Golden Serpentblade LV6 x2
Great Sword Giant's Slicer LV4 x2
Great Sword Ukanlos Destructor LV2 x5
Great Sword Freezer Speartuna LV5 x2
Sword & Shield Hi Frost Edge LV4 x3
Sword & Shield Sharkutter LV3 x3
Sword & Shield Ukanlos Soul Hatchet LV2 x5
Hammer Cocytus LV5 x4
Hammer Meaty Smash LV3 x3
Hammer Ukanlos Trampler LV2 x5
Lance Valhalla LV5 x3
Lance Carnivicious LV3 x3
Lance Ukanlos Calamity LV2 x5
Bow Heaven's Glaze LV5 x5
Bow Blue Alighter LV2 x3
Bow Abominable Bow LV2 x4
Bow Icesteel Bow LV1 x3
Bow Ukanlos Bow LV2 x5
Switch Axe Notched Doom LV3 x3
Switch Axe Murkham Axe LV2 x5
Switch Axe Ledge Axe LV4 x4
Gunlance Lagomberatrix LV6 x4
Gunlance Gerd Sting LV1 x4
Gunlance Ukanlos Gunlance LV2 x5
Gunlance Snowy Kamak LV4 x2

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