Highly conductive scale from an Astalos. Its unique shape is hard to work with.

Rare 4 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 650z Astalos LV1

Low Rank Astalos Tail Carve x1 20%
Low Rank Astalos Body Carve x1 16%
High Rank Astalos Tail Carve x1 10%
Low Rank Astalos Wound Head x1 25%
Low Rank Astalos Capture x2 14%
Low Rank Astalos Wound Wings x1 10%

Charge Blade Sentinel Blade LV1 x5
Sword & Shield Inazuma Works LV1 x3
Dual Blades Monarch LV2 x4
Dual Blades Twin Bolts LV2 x2
Hunting Horn Bherna Chime LV2 x3
Heavy Bowgun Wyvern Blaster LV2 x3
Light Bowgun Khezu Syringe LV2 x2
Light Bowgun Astalos Gun LV2 x3
Great Sword Verdant Wing LV2 x3
Hammer Bag o' Horrors LV2 x2
Lance Verdant Tail LV2 x3
Bow Lightning Bow LV2 x3
Switch Axe The Shredder LV3 x5
Gunlance Full Voltage LV2 x3
Gunlance Verdant Rook LV2 x3

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