Garuga Lash

A tough, hard tail that stores within a deadly poison that kills its target in seconds.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 8,000z Yian Garuga LV3

Dual Blades Deadeye Daggers LV12 x2
Hunting Horn Wolf Shamisen LV6 x1
Long Sword Daito Wolf LV6 x2
Great Sword Sentoryu Wolf LV6 x2
Great Sword Deadeye Engetsu LV12 x2
Sword & Shield Wolf Blade LV7 x1
Sword & Shield Deadeye Edge LV12 x2
Lance Incessant Wolf LV6 x1
Lance Garuga Incessance LV4 x3
Gunlance Imperial Deadeye LV14 x2

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