Rathalos Shard

A Rathalos part made of several overlapping scales. Its strength is a natural wonder.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 4,410z Rathalos LV3 Rath LV3

G Rank Rathalos Body Carve x1 38%
G Rank Rathalos Shiny Drop x1 23%
G Rank Rathalos Tail Carve x1 12%
G Rank Rathalos Wound Head x1 57%
Meownster Hunters
G Rank Rathalos x1 50%

Dual Blades Wyvern Lovers LV7 x8
Charge Blade Dreadking's Path LV11 x3
Hunting Horn Dreadking Horn LV11 x3
Light Bowgun Valkyrie Blaze LV10 x3
Light Bowgun Rathling Phoenix LV7 x5
Light Bowgun Dreadking's Bane LV11 x5
Long Sword Grand Wailing Ghost LV4 x3
Long Sword Plumage Sword LV9 x4
Long Sword Gaelic Flame LV5 x4
Long Sword Wyvern Blade "Flare" LV5 x4
Long Sword Wyvern Blade "Maple" LV6 x3
Long Sword Dreadking Saber LV11 x4
Great Sword Rathalos Firesword LV6 x3
Great Sword Sieglinde LV7 x4
Great Sword Siegmund LV4 x4
Great Sword Warrior's Blade LV4 x3
Great Sword Rathalos Darkflame LV11 x5
Great Sword Super Reddnaught LV2 x3
Sword & Shield Queen Rapier LV7 x3
Sword & Shield Daze Eye LV4 x5
Sword & Shield Dreadking Edge LV11 x3
Hammer Huracan Hammer LV6 x3
Hammer Swinging Scarluq LV4 x6
Hammer Warrior's Hammer LV4 x3
Hammer Dreadking Hammer LV11 x3
Lance Ogre Tusk LV5 x5
Lance Spear of Prominence LV6 x5
Lance Sol Prominence LV4 x5
Lance Warrior's Lance LV4 x3
Lance Dreadking Tail LV11 x5
Bow Dark Filament LV5 x8
Bow Nera's Flight LV11 x5
Switch Axe Dreadking Axe LV11 x3
Gunlance Crimson Rook LV6 x5
Gunlance Regaling Chariot LV11 x3

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