Hyper Rathian Scrap X

A high-quality scrap of material. Collect a lot to make equipment for Palicoes.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 150z Rathian LV3 Hyper LV3

Rathian Helm XR LV1 x2
Rathian Mail XR LV1 x2
Rathian Braces XR LV1 x2
Rathian Faulds XR LV1 x2
Rathian Greaves XR LV1 x2
Rathian Cap XR LV1 x2
Rathian Vest XR LV1 x2
Rathian Guards XR LV1 x2
Rathian Coat XR LV1 x2
Rathian Leggings XR LV1 x2
EX Rathian Helm LV12 x1
EX Rathian Mail LV12 x1
EX Rathian Braces LV12 x1
EX Rathian Faulds LV12 x1
EX Rathian Greaves LV12 x1
EX Rathian Cap LV12 x1
EX Rathian Vest LV12 x1
EX Rathian Guards LV12 x1
EX Rathian Coat LV12 x1
EX Rathian Leggings LV12 x1
Rathian Helm R LV12 x1
Rathian Mail R LV12 x1
Rathian Braces R LV12 x1
Rathian Faulds R LV12 x1
Rathian Greaves R LV12 x1
Rathian Cap R LV12 x1
Rathian Vest R LV12 x1
Rathian Guards R LV12 x1
Rathian Coat R LV12 x1
Rathian Leggings R LV12 x1
EX Rathian Helm S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Mail S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Braces S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Faulds S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Greaves S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Cap S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Vest S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Guards S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Coat S LV10 x1
EX Rathian Leggings S LV10 x1
Rathian Helm X LV6 x1
Rathian Mail X LV6 x1
Rathian Vambraces X LV6 x1
Rathian Faulds X LV6 x1
Rathian Greaves X LV6 x1
Rathian Cap X LV6 x1
Rathian Vest X LV6 x1
Rathian Guards X LV6 x1
Rathian Coat X LV6 x1
Rathian Leggings X LV6 x1
Rathian Helm XR LV7 x1
Rathian Mail XR LV7 x1
Rathian Braces XR LV7 x1
Rathian Faulds XR LV7 x1
Rathian Greaves XR LV7 x1
Rathian Cap XR LV7 x1
Rathian Vest XR LV7 x1
Rathian Guards XR LV7 x1
Rathian Coat XR LV7 x1
Rathian Leggings XR LV7 x1
Damascus Helm XR LV6 x1
Damascus Mail XR LV6 x1
Damascus VambracesXR LV6 x1
Damascus Coil XR LV6 x1
Damascus Greaves XR LV6 x1
Damascus Cap XR LV6 x1
Damascus Vest XR LV6 x1
Damascus Guards XR LV6 x1
Damascus Coat XR LV6 x1
Damascus Leggings XR LV6 x1
Golden Lunehelm Z LV5 x1
Golden Lunemail Z LV5 x1
Golden Lunebraces Z LV5 x1
Golden Lunecoil Z LV5 x1
Golden Lunegreaves Z LV5 x1
Golden Lunecap Z LV5 x1
Golden Lunevest Z LV5 x1
Golden Luneguards Z LV5 x1
Golden Lunecoat Z LV5 x1
Golden Luneleggings Z LV5 x1

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