Nakarkos Soul Orb

A jewel formed in a Nakarkos from the remains of the endless prey it has devoured.

Rare 7 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 20,000z Nakarkos LV2

G Rank Nakarkos Body Gather x1 16%
High Rank Nakarkos Body Gather x1 15%
G Rank Nakarkos Body Carve x1 3%
High Rank Nakarkos Body Carve x1 2%
G Rank Nakarkos ??? x1 6%
High Rank Nakarkos ??? x1 5%
G Rank Nakarkos Wound Shell x1 2%
High Rank Nakarkos Wound Shell x1 1%

Dual Blades Abyss Blades LV5 x1
Dual Blades Ecstatic Gemini LV3 x2
Charge Blade Malevolent Blade LV5 x1
Charge Blade Cosmic Edge LV3 x2
Insect Glaive Infernal Cudgel LV5 x1
Insect Glaive Zimbal Cudgel LV3 x2
Insect Glaive Spear of Rebirth LV3 x1
Hunting Horn Wicked Melody LV5 x1
Hunting Horn Cosmic Wraith LV3 x2
Heavy Bowgun Total Absolution LV4 x1
Heavy Bowgun Vizvi Cannon LV3 x2
Light Bowgun Mysterious Husk LV4 x1
Light Bowgun Wondrous Star LV3 x2
Long Sword Infernal Sword LV5 x1
Long Sword Trembling Pisces LV3 x2
Long Sword Wing of Judgment X LV3 x1
Great Sword Infernal Great Sword LV5 x1
Great Sword Dreadful Leo LV3 x2
Sword & Shield Infernal Horns LV5 x1
Sword & Shield Enraged Taurus LV3 x2
Hammer Wicked Hammer LV5 x1
Hammer Cosmic Hammer LV3 x2
Lance Infernal Lance LV5 x1
Lance Furious Capricorn LV3 x2
Bow Infernal Bow LV4 x1
Bow Avian Star Bow LV3 x2
Bow Ancient Bow X LV2 x1
Switch Axe Wicked Thorns LV5 x1
Switch Axe Cosmic Skalve LV3 x2
Gunlance Abyss Gunlance LV5 x1
Gunlance Anguished Centaurus LV3 x2

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