Iridescent Carapace

A piece of Ahtal-Ka shell. Its color changes depending on the angle of the light.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 21,960z Ahtal-Ka LV3

G Rank Ahtal-Ka Body Carve x1 15%
G Rank Ahtal-Ka Wound Back x1 70%

Heavy Bowgun Goldcannon LV1 x2
Bow Goldbow LV1 x2
Dual Blades Smoldering World LV9 x2
Dual Blades Inscribed Ma'at LV2 x3
Charge Blade Behemoth's Edge LV9 x2
Charge Blade Glavenus Bardnova LV9 x2
Charge Blade Inscribed Nephthys LV2 x3
Insect Glaive Inscribed Aset LV2 x3
Hunting Horn Glavenus Hornova LV9 x1
Hunting Horn Inscribed Bastet LV2 x3
Heavy Bowgun Giant's Mega Rocket LV7 x3
Light Bowgun Glavenus Shotanova LV7 x3
Light Bowgun Trismegistus LV3 x3
Light Bowgun Authority Illuminator LV5 x2
Long Sword Behemoth's Tower LV9 x2
Long Sword Glavenus Hellnova LV9 x2
Long Sword Inscribed Ta Dehent LV2 x3
Great Sword Behemoth's Slicer LV9 x2
Great Sword Glavenus Arranova LV9 x2
Great Sword Inscribed Anubis LV2 x3
Sword & Shield Behemoth's Tusk LV9 x2
Sword & Shield Glinting Glavenova LV9 x2
Sword & Shield Inscribed Ausir LV2 x3
Hammer Glavenus's Uruga Nova LV9 x2
Hammer Inscribed Hathor LV2 x3
Lance Behemoth's Jouster LV9 x2
Lance Glavenus Grandnova LV9 x2
Lance Inscribed Selcis LV2 x3
Bow Ashen Vainglory LV7 x2
Switch Axe Inscribed Astarte LV2 x3
Gunlance Glavenus Brewanova LV9 x2
Gunlance Inscribed Setekh LV2 x3

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