Kokoto Ticket

Received for contributions to Kokoto Village. If you give it to the Smithy...

Rare 5 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Villager Requests
Kokoto Chief (4) Reward x2 100%
Kokoto Chief (5) Reward x5 100%
Kokoto Chief Reward x5 100%

Dual Blades Addled Beers LV1 x1
Dual Blades Heroic Twins LV1 x1
Charge Blade Hero Strongarm LV1 x1
Heavy Bowgun Hero Blaster LV1 x1
Lance Native Spear LV1 Key x1
Lance Vacuum Striker LV1 Key x1
Lance Guardian Lance LV1 x1
Gunlance Hero Gunlance LV1 x1
Dual Blades Heroic Twins LV2 x1
Dual Blades Heroic Twins LV3 x1
Dual Blades Legendary Twins LV4 x2
Dual Blades Addled Beers LV2 x1
Dual Blades Addled Beers LV3 x1
Dual Blades Potent Lagers LV4 x2
Charge Blade Hero Strongarm LV2 x1
Charge Blade Master Strongarm LV3 x2
Heavy Bowgun Hero Blaster LV2 x1
Heavy Bowgun Master Blaster LV3 x2
Heavy Bowgun Ladybug Cannon LV2 x1
Long Sword Barbarian "Sharq" LV3 x2
Sword & Shield Hero's Blade LV2 x1
Sword & Shield Hero's Blade LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Hero's Blade LV4 x1
Sword & Shield Master's Blade LV5 x2
Lance Native Spear LV2 x1
Lance Primal Spear LV4 x2
Lance Hyper Vacuum LV4 x2
Lance Aged Holy Lance LV3 x2
Gunlance Hero Gunlance LV2 x1
Gunlance Master Gunlance LV3 x2
Maiden's Hat LV1 x1
Maiden's Suit LV1 x1
Maiden's Gloves LV1 x1
Maiden's Skirt LV1 x1
Maiden's Socks LV1 x1
French Maid Glasses LV1 x1
French Maid Vest LV1 x1
French Maid Sleeves LV1 x1
French Maid Frills LV1 x1
French Maid Tights LV1 x1
Hunting Helm S LV1 x1
Hunting Mail S LV1 x1
Hunting Braces S LV1 x1
Hunting Faulds S LV1 x1
Hunting Greaves S LV1 x1
Hunting Cap S LV1 x1
Hunting Vest S LV1 x1
Hunting Guards S LV1 x1
Hunting Coat S LV1 x1
Hunting Leggings S LV1 x1
Guardian Helm LV1 x1
Guardian Suit LV1 x1
Guardian Braces LV1 x1
Guardian Coil LV1 x1
Guardian Boots LV1 x1
Guardian Mask LV1 x1
Guardian Vest LV1 x1
Guardian Guards LV1 x1
Guardian Coat LV1 x1
Guardian Pants LV1 x1
Guardian Helm U LV1 x1
Guardian Suit U LV1 x1
Guardian Braces U LV1 x1
Guardian Coil U LV1 x1
Guardian Boots U LV1 x1
Guardian Mask U LV1 x1
Guardian Vest U LV1 x1
Guardian Guards U LV1 x1
Guardian Coat U LV1 x1
Guardian Pants U LV1 x1
Kita Star Headdress LV1 x1
Kita Star Jacket LV1 x1
Kita Star Sleeves LV1 x1
Kita Star Hakama LV1 x1
Umi Ocean Headdress LV1 x1
Umi Ocean Jacket LV1 x1
Umi Ocean Sleeves LV1 x1
Umi Ocean Hakama LV1 x1
Maiden's Hat S LV1 x1
Maiden's Suit S LV1 x1
Maiden's Gloves S LV1 x1
Maiden's Skirt S LV1 x1
Maiden's Socks S LV1 x1
French Maid Glasses S LV1 x1
French Maid Vest S LV1 x1
French Maid Sleeves S LV1 x1
French Maid Frills S LV1 x1
French Maid Tights S LV1 x1
Gourmew Suit S LV1 x1
Gourmew Vest S LV1 x1
Gourmew Suit S LV1 x1
Gourmew Vest S LV1 x1
Master's Earcuff LV1 x2
Master's Mail LV1 x2
Master's Gauntlets LV1 x2
Master's Faulds LV1 x2
Master's Greaves LV1 x2
Master's Earrings LV1 x2
Master's Vest LV1 x2
Master's Guards LV1 x2
Master's Coat LV1 x2
Master's Leggings LV1 x2
Hunting Helm LV12 x1
Hunting Helm LV5 x1
Hunting Mail LV12 x1
Hunting Mail LV5 x1
Hunting Braces LV12 x1
Hunting Braces LV5 x1
Hunting Faulds LV12 x1
Hunting Faulds LV5 x1
Hunting Greaves LV12 x1
Hunting Greaves LV5 x1
Hunting Cap LV12 x1
Hunting Cap LV5 x1
Hunting Vest LV12 x1
Hunting Vest LV5 x1
Hunting Guards LV12 x1
Hunting Guards LV5 x1
Hunting Coat LV12 x1
Hunting Coat LV5 x1
Hunting Leggings LV12 x1
Hunting Leggings LV5 x1
Maiden's Hat LV4 x1
Maiden's Hat LV10 x1
Maiden's Suit LV4 x1
Maiden's Suit LV10 x1
Maiden's Gloves LV4 x1
Maiden's Gloves LV10 x1
Maiden's Skirt LV4 x1
Maiden's Skirt LV10 x1
Maiden's Socks LV10 x1
Maiden's Socks LV4 x1
French Maid Glasses LV4 x1
French Maid Glasses LV10 x1
French Maid Vest LV4 x1
French Maid Vest LV10 x1
French Maid Sleeves LV4 x1
French Maid Sleeves LV10 x1
French Maid Frills LV4 x1
French Maid Frills LV10 x1
French Maid Tights LV4 x1
French Maid Tights LV10 x1
Hunting Helm S LV8 x1
Hunting Helm S LV4 x1
Hunting Mail S LV8 x1
Hunting Mail S LV4 x1
Hunting Braces S LV8 x1
Hunting Braces S LV4 x1
Hunting Faulds S LV8 x1
Hunting Faulds S LV4 x1
Hunting Greaves S LV8 x1
Hunting Greaves S LV4 x1
Hunting Cap S LV8 x1
Hunting Cap S LV4 x1
Hunting Vest S LV8 x1
Hunting Vest S LV4 x1
Hunting Guards S LV8 x1
Hunting Guards S LV4 x1
Hunting Coat S LV8 x1
Hunting Coat S LV4 x1
Hunting Leggings S LV8 x1
Hunting Leggings S LV4 x1
Master's Earcuff LV5 x1
Master's Earcuff LV7 x1
Master's Mail LV7 x1
Master's Mail LV5 x1
Master's Gauntlets LV7 x1
Master's Gauntlets LV5 x1
Master's Faulds LV7 x1
Master's Faulds LV5 x1
Master's Greaves LV7 x1
Master's Greaves LV5 x1
Master's Earrings LV7 x1
Master's Earrings LV5 x1
Master's Vest LV7 x1
Master's Vest LV5 x1
Master's Guards LV7 x1
Master's Guards LV5 x1
Master's Coat LV7 x1
Master's Coat LV5 x1
Master's Leggings LV7 x1
Master's Leggings LV5 x1
Shock Earring LV7 x1
Shock Earring LV5 x2

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