Palico Ticket

Proof of you and your Felyne Palicoes' rapport. Collect enough and it might pay off.

Rare 5 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Charge Blade Cuddly Cat LV1 Key x1
Light Bowgun Felyne Ragdoll LV1 x2
Light Bowgun Melynx Ragdoll LV1 x2
Great Sword Cat's Soul LV1 x1
Bow Felyne Bow LV1 Key x1
Switch Axe Grim Cat LV1 Key x1
Dual Blades Felyne Claws LV2 x1
Dual Blades Raging Claws LV3 x2
Charge Blade Cuddly Cat LV2 x1
Charge Blade Cuddly Cat LV3 x1
Charge Blade Felyne Fancy LV4 x2
Insect Glaive Acorn Rod LV3 x2
Light Bowgun Felyne Helldoll LV5 x2
Light Bowgun Melynx Helldoll LV5 x2
Great Sword Cat's Soul LV2 x2
Sword & Shield Catspaw LV2 x1
Sword & Shield Catspaw LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Catburglar LV4 x2
Hammer White Kitty Stamp LV2 x1
Hammer White Kitty Stamp LV3 x1
Hammer White Kitty Hammer LV4 x2
Bow Felyne Bow LV2 x1
Bow Felyne Bow LV3 x1
Bow Felyne Bow LV4 x1
Bow Felyne Trickbow LV5 x2
Switch Axe Grim Cat LV2 x1
Switch Axe Grim Cat LV3 x1
Switch Axe Grimmige Katze LV4 x2
Gunlance Felyoshka LV2 x1

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