Lrg Elder Dragon Gem

A giant, ultra-rare stone that forms inside an Elder Dragon once in a millennium.

Rare 9 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 18,000z Kushala LV3 Chameleos LV3 Teostra LV3

G Rank Teostra Shiny Drop x1 4%
G Rank Kushala Daora Shiny Drop x1 3%
G Rank Chameleos Tail Carve x1 3%
G Rank Kushala Daora Tail Carve x1 2%
G Rank Kushala Daora Body Carve x1 2%
G Rank Chameleos Body Carve x1 2%
G Rank Teostra Body Carve x1 2%
G Rank Teostra Tail Carve x1 2%
G Rank Kushala Daora Wound Head x1 4%
G Rank Teostra Wound Head x1 2%

Dual Blades Chameleos Blades LV6 x1
Dual Blades Blizzard and Blaze LV6 x2
Dual Blades Dark Silhouette Sabers LV5 x1
Dual Blades Magnastar Rig LV6 x1
Dual Blades Twinbane Twilight LV3 x1
Dual Blades Ultimus Apocalypse LV3 x1
Charge Blade Daora's Worldbearer LV6 x1
Charge Blade Teostra's Redeemer LV5 x1
Charge Blade Magnastar Tobah LV6 x1
Charge Blade Absolute Ruiner Dawn LV3 x1
Charge Blade Fatalis Countenance LV3 x1
Insect Glaive Daora's Samudra LV6 x1
Insect Glaive Veil Caster LV6 x1
Insect Glaive Magnastar Lev LV6 x1
Insect Glaive True Fatalis Dyaus LV3 x1
Insect Glaive Absolute Ruiner Glaive LV3 x1
Insect Glaive Fatalis Overlord LV3 x1
Hunting Horn Genie's Ocarina LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Teostra's Musica LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Daora's Diabassoon LV5 x1
Hunting Horn Magnastar Edon LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Fatalis Flame Aria LV3 x1
Hunting Horn Old Fatalis Aria LV3 x1
Heavy Bowgun Daora's Ceti LV6 x1
Heavy Bowgun Invisible Kamaeleon LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Teostra's Firestorm LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Magnastar Fujik LV6 x1
Heavy Bowgun Vor Blaster LV3 x1
Heavy Bowgun Destiny's Shoulder LV3 x1
Heavy Bowgun Fatalis Transformer LV3 x1
Light Bowgun Daora's Yellowjacket LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Genie's Lamp LV6 x1
Light Bowgun Magnastar Lubos LV6 x1
Light Bowgun Fatalis Abyss LV3 x1
Light Bowgun Absolute Ruiner Recurve LV3 x1
Light Bowgun Absolution Bowgun LV3 x1
Long Sword Skulduggery LV6 x1
Long Sword Imperial Flickerflame LV7 x1
Long Sword Last Gaelic Flame LV7 x1
Long Sword Daora's Storm LV5 x1
Long Sword Magnastar Yuj LV6 x1
Long Sword Fatalis Rapture LV3 x1
Long Sword Fatalis Veneranda LV3 x1
Great Sword Dreaded Shamshir LV6 x1
Great Sword Daora's Deathmaker LV6 x1
Great Sword Teostra del Sol LV5 x1
Great Sword Magnastar Emdon LV6 x1
Great Sword Fatalis Vulcania LV3 x1
Great Sword Fatalis Legacy LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Daora's Maelstrom LV6 x1
Sword & Shield Teostra's Medal LV5 x1
Sword & Shield Master Sword G LV5 x1
Sword & Shield Magnastar Akri LV6 x1
Sword & Shield Absolute Ruiner Sword LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Pure O. Fatalis Sword LV3 x1
Hammer Diamgolgo's Phantasm LV6 x1
Hammer Teostra del Torre LV6 x1
Hammer Daora's Hyperborea LV5 x1
Hammer Magnastar Maknox LV6 x1
Hammer Fatalis Destroyer LV3 x1
Hammer Old Fatalis Ruiner LV3 x1
Lance Daora's Regulus LV6 x1
Lance Teostra's Fire LV5 x1
Lance Magnastar Cenek LV6 x1
Lance True Obliterator LV3 x1
Lance Eternal O. Fatalis Lance LV3 x1
Bow Daora's Toxotes LV5 x1
Bow Devil's Counsel LV5 x1
Bow Bow of Want & Blood LV6 x1
Bow Magnastar Wil LV6 x1
Bow Bow of Vice & Violence LV3 x1
Bow Bow of Fury & Perfidy LV3 x1
Bow Triumph and Testament LV3 x1
Switch Axe Daora's Ajniha LV6 x1
Switch Axe Zariella's Phantasm LV6 x1
Switch Axe Teostra's Hellebarde LV5 x1
Switch Axe Magnastar Batis LV6 x1
Switch Axe Absolute Ruiner's Bane LV3 x1
Switch Axe Fatalis Feint LV3 x1
Gunlance Venomous Perfume LV6 x1
Gunlance Daora's Tempest LV5 x1
Gunlance Magnastar Caist LV6 x1
Gunlance Faithful Ruiner Gunlance LV3 x1
Gunlance Epic O. Fatalis Gunlance LV3 x1
Shinobi Heaven Mask Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Heaven Suit Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Heaven Kote Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Heaven Belt Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Heaven Boots Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Land Mask Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Land Suit Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Land Kote Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Land Belt Goku LV6 x1
Shinobi Land Boots Goku LV6 x1
Arc Helm X LV6 x1
Arc Mail X LV6 x1
Arc Vambraces X LV6 x1
Arc Faulds X LV6 x1
Arc Greaves X LV6 x1
Arc Cap X LV6 x1
Arc Vest X LV6 x1
Arc Guards X LV6 x1
Arc Coat X LV6 x1
Arc Leggings X LV6 x1
Storge Helm X LV6 x1
Storge Mail X LV6 x1
Storge Vambraces X LV6 x1
Storge Faulds X LV6 x1
Storge Greaves X LV6 x1
Storge Cap X LV6 x1
Storge Vest X LV6 x1
Storge Guards X LV6 x1
Storge Coat X LV6 x1
Storge Leggings X LV6 x1
Kushala Glare X LV6 x1
Kushala Cista X LV6 x1
Kushala Grip X LV6 x1
Kushala Cocoon X LV6 x1
Kushala Crus X LV6 x1
Kushala Snarl X LV6 x1
Kushala Vise X LV6 x1
Kushala Embrace X LV6 x1
Kushala Wind Wrap X LV6 x1
Kushala Shank X LV6 x1
Kushala Glare GX LV6 x1
Kushala Cista GX LV6 x1
Kushala Grip GX LV6 x1
Kushala Cocoon GX LV6 x1
Kushala Crus GX LV6 x1
Kushala Snarl GX LV6 x1
Kushala Vise GX LV6 x1
Kushala Embrace GX LV6 x1
Kushala Wind Wrap GX LV6 x1
Kushala Shank GX LV6 x1
Grand Mizuha Cap LV6 x1
Grand Mizuha Guards LV6 x1
Grand Mizuha Sleeves LV6 x1
Grand Mizuha Sash LV6 x1
Grand Mizuha Leg Wrap LV6 x1
Grand Cham Hat LV6 x1
Grand Cham Camise LV6 x1
Grand Cham Sleeves LV6 x1
Grand Cham Coat LV6 x1
Grand Cham Trousers LV6 x1
Mizuha Cap GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Guards GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Sleeves GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Sash GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Gaiters GX LV6 x1
Cham Hat GX LV6 x1
Cham Camise GX LV6 x1
Cham Sleeves GX LV6 x1
Cham Coat GX LV6 x1
Cham Trousers GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Crown X LV6 x1
Kaiser Mail X LV6 x1
Kaiser Vambraces X LV6 x1
Kaiser Tassets X LV6 x1
Kaiser Greaves X LV6 x1
Kaiser Mask X LV6 x1
Kaiser Vest X LV6 x1
Kaiser Guards X LV6 x1
Kaiser Coat X LV6 x1
Kaiser Leggings X LV6 x1
Kaiser Crown GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Mail GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Vambraces GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Tassets GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Greaves GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Mask GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Vest GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Guards GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Coat GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Leggings GX LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonhead LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonhide LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonclaws LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonbarbs LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonfeet LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonface LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonskin LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonfists LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonscale LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonlegs LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonhead XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonhide XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonclaws XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonbarbs XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonfeet XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonface XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonskin XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonfists XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonscale XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonlegs XR LV6 x1

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