Soaratorium Ticket

Received for great contributions to the Soaratorium. If you give it to the Smithy...

Rare 7 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Dual Blades Research Spikes LV1 x1
Charge Blade Research Blade LV1 x1
Insect Glaive Research Glaive LV1 x1
Hunting Horn Research Horn LV1 x1
Heavy Bowgun Research Cannon LV1 x1
Light Bowgun Research Shooter LV1 x1
Long Sword Research Saber LV1 x1
Great Sword Research Great Sword LV1 x1
Sword & Shield Research Sword LV1 x1
Hammer Research Hammer LV1 x1
Lance Research Lance LV1 x1
Bow Research Bow LV1 x1
Switch Axe Research Axe LV1 x1
Gunlance Research Gunlance LV1 x1
Dual Blades Discovery Spikes LV2 x2
Charge Blade Discovery Blade LV2 x2
Insect Glaive Discovery Glaive LV2 x2
Hunting Horn Discovery Horn LV2 x2
Heavy Bowgun Discovery Cannon LV2 x2
Light Bowgun Discovery Shooter LV2 x2
Long Sword Discovery Saber LV2 x2
Great Sword Discovery Great Sword LV2 x2
Sword & Shield Discovery Sword LV2 x2
Hammer Discovery Hammer LV2 x2
Lance Discovery Lance LV2 x2
Bow Discovery Bow LV2 x2
Switch Axe Discovery Axe LV2 x2
Gunlance Discovery Gunlance LV2 x2

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