Seregios Airblade

A blade shot from the body and carried on the wind toward unsuspecting hunters.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,950z Seregios LV2

High Rank Seregios Shiny Drop x1 45%
High Rank Seregios Body Carve x1 20%
High Rank Seregios Tail Carve x1 9%
High Rank Seregios Capture x1 28%
High Rank Seregios Wound Wings x1 25%
G Rank Seregios Capture x2 5%
Meownster Hunters
High Rank Seregios x1 20%

Dual Blades Plesioth Machetes LV4 x4
Charge Blade Aslat Charger LV4 x6
Charge Blade Seditious Blade LV1 x6
Insect Glaive Needle Vine LV5 x4
Hunting Horn Vadya Muse LV4 x3
Hunting Horn Seditious Warhorn LV2 x5
Heavy Bowgun Insurrection Cannon LV4 x6
Heavy Bowgun Seditious Cannon LV1 x5
Light Bowgun Desert Tempest LV3 x4
Great Sword Cheda Blade LV4 x4
Lance Twisting Crawler LV2 x3
Lance Rampart LV5 x3
Bow Insurgent Bow LV4 x4
Bow Cobalt Fire LV3 x3
Switch Axe Arzuros Revelax LV6 x3
Switch Axe Notched Legion LV4 x4
Switch Axe Aksa Switch LV4 x5
Switch Axe Seditious Axe LV2 x6
Switch Axe Gríðr's Landmaker LV5 x4
Gunlance Jaya Gunlance LV4 x4
Gunlance Mighty Cornpopper LV4 x6

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