Bloodbath Chine

A Bloodbath Diablos carapace. Tempered thoroughly by the blows of brave warriors.

Rare 9 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 10,500z Diablos LV3 Bloodbath LV3 Deviant LV3

Dual Blades Massacre Bonesplitters LV4 x2
Dual Blades Mithridates LV5 x5
Charge Blade Massacre Enforcer LV4 x2
Charge Blade Column Buster LV5 x5
Insect Glaive Massacre Mace LV4 x2
Insect Glaive Bai Qi LV5 x5
Heavy Bowgun Massacre Blaster LV4 x2
Heavy Bowgun Ivanus LV5 x5
Light Bowgun Massacre Barrage LV4 x2
Light Bowgun Kazusa LV5 x5
Great Sword Massacre Slicer LV4 x2
Great Sword Vladys LV5 x5
Sword & Shield Massacre Bludgeon LV4 x2
Sword & Shield Kristatu LV5 x5
Lance Massacre Pike LV4 x2
Lance Tsautsau LV5 x5
Bow Massacre Flurry LV4 x2
Bow Houyi LV5 x5
Switch Axe Massacre Axe LV4 x2
Switch Axe Scipio LV5 x5
Gunlance Massacre Ordnance LV4 x2
Gunlance Krommell LV5 x5

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