Uragaan Shard

An impenetrable scale found on certain Uragaan. Formed when layers of hard ore bonded.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 4,950z Uragaan LV3

Hub G3 // It's Gotta Be Coal Sub x1 35%
Hub G3 // Uragaan Grief Reward1 x1 35%
Hub G3 // Uragaan Grief Sub x1 35%
Hub G4 // What's Mine is Mine Reward1 x1 10%
Hunters for Hire
Fight or Uragaan! Reward1 x1 37%
Fight or Uragaan! Reward2 x1 35%
Hammer Strikes and Fire Pikes Reward1 x1 20%
Hammer Strikes and Fire Pikes Reward2 x1 19%
G Rank Uragaan Tail Carve x1 58%
G Rank Uragaan Body Carve x1 46%
G Rank Uragaan Wound Tail x1 58%
G Rank Uragaan Capture x1 20%
Meownster Hunters
G Rank Uragaan x1 40%

Dual Blades Savortooths LV6 x4
Insect Glaive Grobo Blow Zeta LV11 x2
Hunting Horn Gigas Gaita LV6 x5
Hunting Horn Crystalbeard Horn LV11 x4
Hunting Horn Sandsinger LV1 x3
Heavy Bowgun Mighty Asteroid LV5 x5
Heavy Bowgun Grobo Barzeta LV11 x4
Long Sword Crimsonfork LV6 x5
Long Sword Crystalbeard Saber LV11 x3
Great Sword Crimsonwall LV6 x6
Great Sword Grobowall Zeta LV11 x3
Sword & Shield Gigas Crusher LV6 x3
Sword & Shield Crystalbeard Mace LV11 x2
Hammer Gigas Hammer LV6 x5
Hammer Onslaught LV7 x5
Hammer Vindication Hammer LV7 x4
Hammer Crystalbeard Hammer LV11 x3
Lance Elder Babel Spear LV5 x4
Bow Gigacles LV5 x2
Bow Gilded Grobo Arc LV11 x4
Switch Axe Gigant Burst LV6 x5
Switch Axe Crystalbeard Axe LV11 x3
Gunlance Platinum Crown LV4 x5

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