Uragaan Scale+

A strong scale formed by layers and layers of ore. Its hardness makes forging tricky.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,650z Uragaan LV2

High Rank Uragaan Tail Carve x1 58%
High Rank Uragaan Body Carve x1 42%
High Rank Uragaan Wound Tail x2 58%
High Rank Uragaan Capture x1 18%
G Rank Uragaan Wound Tail x2 8%
Meownster Hunters
High Rank Uragaan x1 40%

Dual Blades Gorger's Tools LV4 x4
Insect Glaive Grobo Blow LV3 x2
Hunting Horn Brazengaita LV4 x5
Hunting Horn Geode Horn LV3 x4
Heavy Bowgun Marino Burst LV4 x2
Heavy Bowgun Great Meteor LV3 x5
Heavy Bowgun Grobo Shot LV3 x3
Light Bowgun Airship Gun LV3 x6
Long Sword Diapason LV4 x5
Long Sword Geode Saber LV3 x3
Great Sword Carbalite Sword LV9 x2
Great Sword Brazenwall LV4 x6
Great Sword Dios Blade LV3 x3
Great Sword Grobowall LV3 x3
Sword & Shield Gigas Club LV4 x3
Sword & Shield Geode Mace LV3 x2
Hammer Brazenclout LV4 x5
Hammer Anvil Hammer LV4 x5
Hammer Revenge Hammer LV4 x4
Hammer Geode Hammer LV3 x3
Bow Brazencord LV3 x4
Bow Grobo Arc LV3 x4
Switch Axe Motor Burst LV3 x5
Switch Axe Geode Axe LV3 x3
Gunlance Geode Burst LV6 x5
Gunlance Platinum Trophy LV2 x5

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