Hyper Keenclaw

A sharp and weighty claw from a Hyper Monster, it's black all over and extremely robust.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 4,800z Hyper LV3

Insect Glaive Assault Glaive LV1 Key x3
Dual Blades Serre Sedition LV4 x3
Dual Blades Talon Gemini LV9 x2
Dual Blades Feudal Shears LV4 x2
Dual Blades Evening Dusk LV8 x2
Dual Blades Chum-Chum Scarecrows LV5 x1
Dual Blades Wild Dissectors LV4 x2
Dual Blades High Giaprey Claws LV5 x2
Charge Blade Ceanataur Nadegiri LV8 x2
Charge Blade Final Fieldblade LV8 x3
Charge Blade Relentless Slasher LV4 x2
Insect Glaive Lana Sedition LV4 x4
Insect Glaive Curved Naganagi LV8 x3
Insect Glaive Headlong Reaper LV4 x2
Insect Glaive Shadow Walker LV6 x2
Hunting Horn Maqam Sedition LV4 x3
Hunting Horn Jester's Harp LV8 x2
Hunting Horn Summoning Bell LV8 x3
Hunting Horn War Conga LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Eeostopen Cannon LV14 x2
Heavy Bowgun Daredevil Piercer LV4 x2
Heavy Bowgun Wild Stinger LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Buster Blaster LV5 x2
Light Bowgun Despot's Wildfire LV7 x2
Light Bowgun Nifl Mist LV6 x3
Light Bowgun Teufelsschleuder LV6 x3
Light Bowgun Cloaked Fear LV4 x2
Long Sword Deepest Night LV7 x2
Long Sword Zealous Sedition LV4 x3
Long Sword Vilcurviscera LV5 x3
Long Sword Shogun Gouger LV5 x2
Long Sword Tamonowo LV8 x3
Long Sword Redhelm Cutter LV14 x2
Long Sword Black Stonefist Cutter LV14 x2
Long Sword Berserk Splitter LV4 x2
Long Sword Shadow Nershriek LV6 x2
Long Sword Noble Blood Cry LV1 x3
Great Sword Lagia Wildfire LV5 x2
Great Sword Wrathful Blade LV8 x3
Great Sword Exemplar Blade LV5 x4
Great Sword Millstone Bereaver LV5 x3
Great Sword Rogue Sedition LV4 x3
Great Sword Akatsume LV7 x2
Great Sword Ceanataur Scythe LV8 x2
Great Sword Azure Fangblade LV8 x2
Great Sword Slumbering Duke LV8 x4
Great Sword Akanesasu LV8 x3
Great Sword Principality LV14 x2
Great Sword Virtuous Knife LV14 x2
Great Sword Reckless Cleaver LV4 x2
Great Sword Shadow Nercleave LV6 x2
Great Sword Scylla Blade LV1 x3
Sword & Shield Flash in the Night LV7 x4
Sword & Shield Tigrex Sword LV6 x3
Sword & Shield Kurenawi Ougi LV8 x3
Sword & Shield Careless Render LV4 x2
Sword & Shield Shadow Nerwrithe LV6 x2
Sword & Shield Bloodscale Sword LV1 x3
Sword & Shield Great Stabberdag LV2 x3
Hammer Tigrex Hammer LV6 x3
Hammer Atlas Crusher LV9 x3
Hammer Sinter Hammer LV8 x3
Hammer Breakneck Smasher LV4 x2
Hammer Shadow Nerdirge LV5 x2
Lance Duke Dormir LV7 x2
Lance Tigrex Lance LV6 x3
Lance Dragoon's Gáe Bulg LV4 x3
Lance Master Piercer LV8 x2
Lance Kimi ga Kiru LV8 x3
Lance Thoughtless Stinger LV4 x2
Bow Kama Sedition LV5 x4
Bow Colossus's Bow LV6 x3
Bow Heaven's Manna LV6 x3
Bow Madcap Striker LV4 x2
Bow Shadow Nerscope LV6 x3
Bow Wildwood Falderol LV5 x4
Switch Axe Rex Gnasher LV6 x4
Switch Axe Parting Slice LV8 x3
Gunlance Tamarod Sedition LV4 x4
Gunlance Traditional Gunlance LV11 x3
Gunlance Fading Night LV7 x2
Gunlance Mizumori LV8 x3
Gunlance Snowbaron Gunlance LV14 x2
Gunlance Drilltusk Cannon LV14 x2
Gunlance Snow Gunlance Mk. II LV5 x2
Gunlance Roscasludge LV1 x2
Gunlance Shadow Nercusp LV6 x2
Gunlance Noble Gunbird LV1 x3
Auroros Helm XR LV1 x2
Auroros Torso XR LV1 x2
Auroros Gauntlets XR LV1 x2
Auroros Tassets XR LV1 x2
Auroros Pants XR LV1 x2
Genesis Headpiece XR LV1 x2
Genesis Torso XR LV1 x2
Genesis Gauntlets XR LV1 x2
Genesis Tassets XR LV1 x2
Genesis Pants XR LV1 x2
Borealis Crown XR LV1 x2
Borealis Chest XR LV1 x2
Borealis Gauntlets XR LV1 x2
Borealis Tassets XR LV1 x2
Borealis Hakama XR LV1 x2
Glyph Crown XR LV1 x2
Glyph Chest XR LV1 x2
Glyph Gauntlets XR LV1 x2
Glyph Tassets XR LV1 x2
Glyph Hakama XR LV1 x2
Auroros Gauntlets R LV1 x2
Genesis Gauntlets R LV1 x2
Borealis Gauntlets R LV1 x2
Glyph Gauntlets R LV1 x2
Hermitaur Helm S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Mail S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Braces S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Tassets S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Greaves S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Cap S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Vest S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Guards S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Coat S LV12 x1
Hermitaur Leggings S LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Helm LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Mail LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Braces LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Tassets LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Greaves LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Cap LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Vest LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Guards LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Coat LV12 x1
EX Hermitaur Leggings LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Helm S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Mail S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Braces S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Faulds S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Greaves S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Cap S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Vest S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Guards S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Coat S LV12 x1
Nibelsnarf Leggings S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Helm S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Mail S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Braces S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Tassets S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Greaves S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Cap S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Vest S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Guards S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Coat S LV12 x1
Ceanataur Leggings S LV12 x1
Felyne Hairband LV10 x2
Ukanlos Mask LV8 x1
Ukanlos Aegis LV8 x1
Ukanlos Claws LV8 x1
Ukanlos Cincture LV8 x1
Ukanlos Hessian LV8 x1
Ukanlos Fangs LV8 x1
Ukanlos Plate LV8 x1
Ukanlos Gauntlets LV8 x1
Ukanlos Sash LV8 x1
Ukanlos Boots LV8 x1
Volvidon Helm X LV6 x1
Volvidon Mail X LV6 x1
Volvidon Vambraces X LV6 x1
Volvidon Faulds X LV6 x1
Volvidon Greaves X LV6 x1
Volvidon Cap X LV6 x1
Volvidon Vest X LV6 x1
Volvidon Guards X LV6 x1
Volvidon Coat X LV6 x1
Volvidon Leggings X LV6 x1
Ceanataur Helm XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Mail XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Braces XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Tassets XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Greaves XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Cap XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Vest XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Guards XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Coat XR LV6 x1
Ceanataur Leggings XR LV6 x1

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