Hyper Solidclaw

An armor-plated claw from a Hyper Monster, it's black all over and extremely robust.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 7,200z Hyper LV3

Dual Blades Ceanataur Shears LV5 x1
Dual Blades Appallagombs LV5 x4
Dual Blades Redhelm Marvels LV15 x4
Dual Blades Grimclaw Blood LV14 x2
Dual Blades Pirate King Edges J LV5 x2
Dual Blades Baki Combat Jutsu XX LV5 x5
Dual Blades Their Song LV4 x2
Dual Blades Eternal Lotus Blades LV3 x3
Dual Blades White Death LV6 x3
Charge Blade Zofar Wings LV9 x2
Charge Blade Demonlord Supersurge LV6 x2
Charge Blade Red-Clad Rebellion LV4 x2
Charge Blade Belobog's Scythe LV6 x2
Insect Glaive Lingering Butterfly LV4 x2
Hunting Horn Brandoneon LV5 x3
Hunting Horn Crimson Superb Horn LV15 x4
Hunting Horn Madderdance LV4 x2
Heavy Bowgun Master Shooter LV6 x3
Heavy Bowgun Somnolescent Cannon LV7 x2
Heavy Bowgun Anarchy Cannon LV6 x2
Heavy Bowgun Furia Sedition LV5 x4
Heavy Bowgun Crimson Crasher LV15 x4
Heavy Bowgun Priestess in Red LV4 x2
Light Bowgun No Resistance LV6 x2
Light Bowgun Royal Lobster Gun LV6 x2
Light Bowgun Grimclaw Hunter LV14 x2
Light Bowgun Boltreaver Screech LV4 x2
Long Sword Shogun Decimator LV6 x2
Long Sword Brush With Death LV15 x4
Long Sword Grimclaw Cutter LV14 x2
Long Sword Tamakiharu LV4 x2
Great Sword Mastermind Blade LV7 x3
Great Sword Jala Blade LV6 x2
Great Sword Gargantuan Pincer LV8 x2
Great Sword Dormant Archduke LV9 x2
Great Sword Grimclaw Royalty LV14 x2
Great Sword Noble Scar LV5 x4
Great Sword Momiji Shu LV4 x2
Sword & Shield Dengeki Sword LV5 x2
Sword & Shield Tokaede LV4 x2
Sword & Shield Azure Drome Tooth LV3 x4
Hammer Stardust Hammer LV4 x2
Hammer Dark Punisher LV3 x3
Lance Okimi Tsubame LV4 x2
Lance Sealed Dragonlance LV3 x3
Lance Dark Din LV3 x3
Bow Crimson Nirvana LV15 x4
Bow Dragonstar Hubar LV5 x2
Bow Resplendent Corona LV4 x2
Switch Axe Hypnotic Talon LV9 x3
Switch Axe Red Cloudscraper Axe LV15 x4
Switch Axe Grimclaw Axe LV14 x2
Switch Axe Dengeki Axe LV5 x2
Switch Axe Lanternlight Banner LV4 x2
Gunlance Lagombavalanga LV5 x4
Gunlance Ajimura Sekimori LV4 x2
Gunlance Blizzard Gunlance LV6 x3

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