Hyper Draco. Scale

A Dracophage scale from a Hyper Monster, it's darker and stronger than normal.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 2,000z Hyper LV2

Dual Blades Consummate Pair LV2 x4
Dual Blades Ro Waga LV4 x2
Charge Blade Maxilla Edge LV4 x2
Insect Glaive Garamorse LV4 x2
Insect Glaive Spear of the Beast LV2 x3
Hunting Horn Magia Charmbell LV4 x2
Heavy Bowgun Gluttonous Cannon LV2 x3
Heavy Bowgun Endless Famine LV2 x4
Heavy Bowgun Ladybug Mortar LV3 x2
Light Bowgun Garuga Espringal LV3 x2
Light Bowgun Devil's Grin LV2 x3
Light Bowgun Diregun "Dementia" LV2 x4
Light Bowgun Beast Blaster LV4 x1
Long Sword Consummate Katana LV2 x4
Long Sword Squawkscythe LV4 x2
Long Sword Wing of Judgment X LV3 x4
Great Sword Consummate Blade LV2 x4
Hammer Consummate Hammer LV2 x4
Hammer Swinging Scarluq LV3 x2
Hammer Yadora Morte LV4 x2
Lance Roaring Wyvern LV4 x5
Lance Grief Lance LV3 x4
Switch Axe Saligia Vileaxe LV2 x4
Switch Axe Hellish Edge LV4 x2
Gunlance Consummate Gunlance LV2 x4
Gore Mail R LV1 x1
Gore Greaves R LV1 x1
Gore Vest R LV1 x1
Gore Leggings R LV1 x1
Arc Helm R LV1 Key x1
Arc Mail R LV1 Key x1
Arc Braces R LV1 Key x1
Arc Faulds R LV1 Key x1
Arc Greaves R LV1 Key x1
Storge Helm R LV1 Key x1
Storge Mail R LV1 Key x1
Storge Braces R LV1 Key x1
Storge Faulds R LV1 Key x1
Storge Greaves R LV1 Key x1
Arc Cap R LV1 Key x1
Arc Vest R LV1 Key x1
Arc Guards R LV1 Key x1
Arc Coat R LV1 Key x1
Arc Leggings R LV1 Key x1
Storge Cap R LV1 Key x1
Storge Vest R LV1 Key x1
Storge Guards R LV1 Key x1
Storge Coat R LV1 Key x1
Storge Leggings R LV1 Key x1
Escadora Wisdom R LV1 x2
Escadora Soul R LV1 x2
Escadora Armguards R LV1 x2
Escadora Might R LV1 x2
Escadora Sheath R LV1 x2
Escadora Sagesse R LV1 x2
Escadora Seele R LV1 x2
Escadora Arma R LV1 x2
Escadora Force R LV1 x2
Escadora Scala R LV1 x2
Artian Helm R LV5 x1
Artian Mail R LV5 x1
Artian Braces R LV5 x1
Artian Coil R LV5 x1
Artian Greaves R LV5 x1
Artian Cap R LV5 x1
Artian Vest R LV5 x1
Artian Guards R LV5 x1
Artian Coat R LV5 x1
Artian Leggings R LV5 x1
Vangis Helm LV5 x1
Vangis Mail LV5 x1
Vangis Vambraces LV5 x1
Vangis Coil LV5 x1
Vangis Greaves LV5 x1
Vangis Cap LV5 x1
Vangis Vest LV5 x1
Vangis Guards LV5 x1
Vangis Coat LV5 x1
Vangis Leggings LV5 x1
Ace Headgear LV5 x1
Ace Mail LV5 x1
Ace Vambraces LV5 x1
Ace Faulds LV5 x1
Ace Greaves LV5 x1
Ace Mask LV5 x1
Ace Vest LV5 x1
Ace Guards LV5 x1
Ace Coat LV5 x1
Ace Leggings LV5 x1
Sororal Headgear LV5 x1
Sororal Mail LV5 x1
Sororal Vambraces LV5 x1
Sororal Faulds LV5 x1
Sororal Greaves LV5 x1
Sororal Mask LV5 x1
Sororal Vest LV5 x1
Sororal Guards LV5 x1
Sororal Coat LV5 x1
Sororal Leggings LV5 x1
Hawkhat LV7 x1
Hawksuit LV7 x1
Hawkbraces LV7 x1
Hawkcoil LV7 x1
Hawkboots LV7 x1
Hawkcap LV7 x1
Hawkjacket LV7 x1
Hawkguards LV7 x1
Hawkcoat LV7 x1
Hawkfeet LV7 x1
Scholarly Hood S LV7 x1
Scholarly Suit S LV7 x1
Scholarly Grips S LV7 x1
Scholarly Sash S LV7 x1
Scholarly Boots S LV7 x1
Scholarly Cap S LV7 x1
Scholarly Vest S LV7 x1
Scholarly Cuffs S LV7 x1
Scholarly Coat S LV7 x1
Scholarly Tights S LV7 x1
Arc Helm R LV5 x1
Arc Mail R LV5 x1
Arc Braces R LV5 x1
Arc Faulds R LV5 x1
Arc Greaves R LV5 x1
Storge Helm R LV5 x1
Storge Mail R LV5 x1
Storge Braces R LV5 x1
Storge Faulds R LV5 x1
Storge Greaves R LV5 x1
Arc Cap R LV5 x1
Arc Vest R LV5 x1
Arc Guards R LV5 x1
Arc Coat R LV5 x1
Arc Leggings R LV5 x1
Storge Cap R LV5 x1
Storge Vest R LV5 x1
Storge Guards R LV5 x1
Storge Coat R LV5 x1
Storge Leggings R LV5 x1
Esurient Helm LV5 x1
Esurient Mail LV5 x1
Esurient Vambraces LV5 x1
Esurient Faulds LV5 x1
Esurient Greaves LV5 x1
Esurient Cap LV5 x1
Esurient Vest LV5 x1
Esurient Guards LV5 x1
Esurient Coat LV5 x1
Esurient Leggings LV5 x1
Esurient Helm R LV5 x1
Esurient Mail R LV5 x1
Esurient Braces R LV5 x1
Esurient Faulds R LV5 x1
Esurient Greaves R LV5 x1
Esurient Cap R LV5 x1
Esurient Vest R LV5 x1
Esurient Guards R LV5 x1
Esurient Coat R LV5 x1
Esurient Leggings R LV5 x1
Escadora Wisdom R LV5 x1
Escadora Soul R LV5 x1
Escadora Armguards R LV5 x1
Escadora Might R LV5 x1
Escadora Sheath R LV5 x1
Escadora Sagesse R LV5 x1
Escadora Seele R LV5 x1
Escadora Arma R LV5 x1
Escadora Force R LV5 x1
Escadora Scala R LV5 x1

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