Dazzling Fluid

A sparkling fluid with impressive water-retention ability. Improves equipment performance and style.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 3,150z Nibelsnarf LV3

Hub G2 // Share the Load (and the Reward) Reward1 x1 15%
Hub G2 // Share the Load (and the Reward) Sub x1 15%
Hub G2 // Trade Dispute Reward1 x1 15%
Hub G3 // Eat in Pieces Reward1 x2 8%
Hub G3 // Searing Sands Reward1 x1 6%
Hunters for Hire
The Desert Gourmand Reward1 x1 16%
The Desert Gourmand Reward2 x1 15%
G Rank Nibelsnarf Shiny Drop x1 20%
G Rank Nibelsnarf Body Carve x1 15%
G Rank Nibelsnarf Wound Uvula x1 65%
G Rank Nibelsnarf Capture x1 20%

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