Nibelsnarf Crown

The heavy scalp of a Nibelsnarf is difficult to work with but it's an extremely versatile material

Rare 9 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 8,280z Nibelsnarf LV3

Hub G3 // Eat in Pieces Reward1 x1 15%
Hub G2 // Share the Load (and the Reward) Sub x1 10%
Hub G2 // Share the Load (and the Reward) Reward1 x1 10%
Hub G2 // Trade Dispute Reward1 x1 10%
Hub G3 // Searing Sands Reward1 x1 6%
Hunters for Hire
The Desert Gourmand Reward1 x1 11%
The Desert Gourmand Reward2 x1 10%
G Rank Nibelsnarf Body Carve x1 5%
G Rank Nibelsnarf Wound Uvula x1 10%
G Rank Nibelsnarf Capture x1 7%

Bow Scorpion Zinger LV5 x2
Dual Blades Uber Deathsnarfs LV8 x1
Charge Blade Reactive Border LV7 x1
Hunting Horn Fortissimo LV5 x2
Hunting Horn Soldier's Snarfonica LV8 x1
Heavy Bowgun Super Trench Snarfer LV1 x1
Great Sword Remalgagorgon LV8 x1

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