Najarala Sounder

A Najarala shell with unique acoustic properties that amplify sound.

Rare 4 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 820z Najarala LV1

Low Rank Najarala Shiny Drop x1 25%
Low Rank Najarala Wound Back x1 58%
Low Rank Najarala Wound Tail x1 58%
Low Rank Najarala Capture x1 15%
High Rank Najarala Wound Back x2 8%

Insect Glaive Sand Anchor LV2 x3
Hunting Horn Metal Bagpipe LV4 x5
Hunting Horn Danger Call LV1 x3
Heavy Bowgun Bite Blaster LV1 x2
Great Sword Skraga LV1 x3
Sword & Shield Spiked Circle LV1 x4

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