Daora Horn

The gallant horn of Daora. Using it requires extra- ordinary experience.

Rare 4 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 2,450z Kushala LV1

Low Rank Kushala Daora Wound Head x1 95%
High Rank Kushala Daora Wound Head x1 10%

Charge Blade Daora's Casca LV1 x2
Insect Glaive Daora's Entom LV1 x3
Heavy Bowgun Daora's Delphinidae LV1 x1
Light Bowgun Icesteel Wasp LV1 x3
Hunting Horn Daora's Taus LV1 x2
Lance Steel Knight's Pike LV3 x3
Kushala Glare LV1 Key x1
Kushala Snarl LV1 Key x1

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