Bherna Ticket

Received for contributions to Bherna Village. If you give it to the Smithy...

Rare 5 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Dual Blades Elder Daggers LV1 x1
Charge Blade Elder Strongarm LV1 x1
Insect Glaive Elder Rod LV1 x1
Hunting Horn Bherna Chime LV1 Key x1
Hunting Horn Elder Horn LV1 x1
Heavy Bowgun Moofire Cannon LV1 Key x1
Heavy Bowgun Elder Cannon LV1 x1
Light Bowgun Veiled Bell LV1 Key x1
Light Bowgun Elder Shooter LV1 x1
Long Sword Moofah Staff LV1 Key x1
Long Sword Elder Saber LV1 x1
Great Sword Elder Blade LV1 x1
Sword & Shield Moofah Sword LV1 Key x1
Sword & Shield Elder Sword LV1 x1
Hammer Arluq Whammer LV1 x1
Hammer Pride of Harth LV1 x1
Hammer Elder Hammer LV1 x1
Lance Elder Lance LV1 x1
Bow Elder Bow LV1 x1
Switch Axe Elder Axe LV1 x1
Gunlance Baa Baa Gunlance LV1 Key x1
Gunlance Elder Gunlance LV1 x1
Dual Blades Petrified Daggers LV6 x1
Dual Blades Obsidian Daggers LV1 x2
Charge Blade Petrified Strongarm LV6 x1
Charge Blade Obsidian Strongarm LV1 x2
Charge Blade Pizzaxe LV2 x1
Charge Blade Pizzaxe LV4 x1
Insect Glaive Petrified Rod LV6 x1
Insect Glaive Obsidian Rod LV1 x2
Hunting Horn Petrified Horn LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Obsidian Horn LV1 x2
Hunting Horn Bherna Chime LV2 x1
Hunting Horn Blissful Chime LV4 x2
Heavy Bowgun Petrified Cannon LV6 x1
Heavy Bowgun Obsidian Cannon LV1 x2
Heavy Bowgun Moofire Cannon LV2 x1
Heavy Bowgun Moofire Cannon LV4 x2
Light Bowgun Petrified Shooter LV7 x1
Light Bowgun Obsidian Shooter LV1 x2
Light Bowgun Veiled Bell LV3 x2
Light Bowgun Felyne Ragdoll LV2 x1
Light Bowgun Melynx Ragdoll LV2 x1
Long Sword Petrified Saber LV6 x1
Long Sword Obsidian Saber LV1 x2
Long Sword Cheese Knife LV2 x1
Long Sword Cheese Knife LV4 x1
Long Sword Moofah Staff LV3 x1
Long Sword Moofah Blade LV4 x2
Great Sword Petrified Blade LV6 x1
Great Sword Obsidian Blade LV1 x2
Great Sword Cheese Mixer LV2 x1
Sword & Shield Petrified Sword LV6 x1
Sword & Shield Obsidian Sword LV1 x2
Sword & Shield Moofah Sword LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Sleepy Moofah LV4 x2
Hammer Petrified Hammer LV6 x1
Hammer Obsidian Hammer LV1 x2
Hammer Swinging Scarluq LV3 x2
Hammer Joy of Harth LV3 x2
Lance Petrified Lance LV6 x1
Lance Obsidian Lance LV1 x2
Lance Fondue Lance LV2 x1
Bow Petrified Bow LV6 x1
Bow Obsidian Bow LV1 x2
Switch Axe Petrified Axe LV6 x1
Switch Axe Obsidian Axe LV1 x2
Switch Axe Gouda Axe LV2 x1
Switch Axe Gouda Axe LV4 x1
Gunlance Petrified Gunlance LV6 x1
Gunlance Obsidian Gunlance LV1 x2
Gunlance Baa Baa Gunlance LV3 x1
Gunlance Sleepyeye Gunlance LV5 x2
Derring Headgear LV1 x1
Derring Jacket LV1 x1
Derring Gloves LV1 x1
Derring Belt LV1 x1
Derring Trousers LV1 x1
Bherna Turban S LV1 x1
Bherna Mail S LV1 x1
Bherna Braces S LV1 x1
Bherna Belt S LV1 x1
Bherna Greaves S LV1 x1
Bherna Cap S LV1 x1
Bherna Vest S LV1 x1
Bherna Guards S LV1 x1
Bherna Coat S LV1 x1
Bherna Leggings S LV1 x1
Edel Vizor S LV1 x1
Edel Ribplate S LV1 x1
Edel Creeper S LV1 x1
Edel Folia S LV1 x1
Edel Roots S LV1 x1
Edel Bloom S LV1 x1
Edel Ribguard S LV1 x1
Edel Tendril S LV1 x1
Edel Fronds S LV1 x1
Edel Radicles S LV1 x1
Lecturer's Hood LV1 x1
Lecturer's Suit LV1 x1
Lecturer's Braces LV1 x1
Lecturer's Skirt LV1 x1
Lecturer's Boots LV1 x1
Lecturer's Cap LV1 x1
Lecturer's Jacket LV1 x1
Lecturer's Guards LV1 x1
Lecturer's Frills LV1 x1
Lecturer's Footwear LV1 x1
Cunning Specs LV1 x1
Derring Helm S LV1 x1
Derring Mail S LV1 x1
Derring Vambraces S LV1 x1
Derring Faulds S LV1 x1
Derring Greaves S LV1 x1
Derring Cap S LV1 x1
Derring Vest S LV1 x1
Derring Guards S LV1 x1
Derring Coat S LV1 x1
Derring Leggings S LV1 x1
Ace Headgear LV1 x1
Ace Mail LV1 x1
Ace Vambraces LV1 x1
Ace Faulds LV1 x1
Ace Greaves LV1 x1
Ace Mask LV1 x1
Ace Vest LV1 x1
Ace Guards LV1 x1
Ace Coat LV1 x1
Ace Leggings LV1 x1
Sororal Headgear LV1 x1
Sororal Mail LV1 x1
Sororal Vambraces LV1 x1
Sororal Faulds LV1 x1
Sororal Greaves LV1 x1
Sororal Mask LV1 x1
Sororal Vest LV1 x1
Sororal Guards LV1 x1
Sororal Coat LV1 x1
Sororal Leggings LV1 x1
Hawkhat LV1 x1
Hawksuit LV1 x1
Hawkbraces LV1 x1
Hawkcoil LV1 x1
Hawkboots LV1 x1
Hawkcap LV1 x1
Hawkjacket LV1 x1
Hawkguards LV1 x1
Hawkcoat LV1 x1
Hawkfeet LV1 x1
Gourmew Toque S LV1 x1
Gourmew Cap S LV1 x1
Gourmew Toque S LV1 x1
Gourmew Cap S LV1 x1
Ancient Helm LV1 x2
Ancient Mail LV1 x2
Ancient Arms LV1 x2
Ancient Coil LV1 x2
Ancient Boots LV1 x2
Ancient Cap LV1 x2
Ancient Vest LV1 x2
Ancient Guards LV1 x2
Ancient Coat LV1 x2
Ancient Feet LV1 x2
Caravaneer's Armlets LV1 x1
Bherna Turban LV5 x1
Bherna Turban LV12 x1
Bherna Mail LV5 x1
Bherna Mail LV12 x1
Bherna Braces LV5 x1
Bherna Braces LV12 x1
Bherna Belt LV5 x1
Bherna Belt LV12 x1
Bherna Greaves LV5 x1
Bherna Greaves LV12 x1
Edel Vizor LV8 x1
Edel Ribplate LV8 x1
Edel Creeper LV8 x1
Edel Folia LV8 x1
Edel Roots LV8 x1
Edel Bloom LV8 x1
Edel Ribguard LV8 x1
Edel Tendril LV8 x1
Edel Fronds LV8 x1
Edel Radicles LV8 x1
Moofah Head LV4 x1
Moofah Head LV8 x1
Moofah Suit LV4 x1
Moofah Suit LV8 x1
Moofah Claws LV4 x1
Moofah Claws LV8 x1
Moofah Coil LV4 x1
Moofah Coil LV8 x1
Moofah Wig LV4 x1
Moofah Wig LV8 x1
Moofah Jacket LV4 x1
Moofah Jacket LV8 x1
Moofah Sleeves LV4 x1
Moofah Sleeves LV8 x1
Moofah Coat LV4 x1
Moofah Coat LV8 x1
Bherna Turban S LV4 x1
Bherna Turban S LV8 x1
Bherna Mail S LV4 x1
Bherna Mail S LV8 x1
Bherna Braces S LV4 x1
Bherna Braces S LV8 x1
Bherna Belt S LV4 x1
Bherna Belt S LV8 x1
Bherna Greaves S LV4 x1
Bherna Greaves S LV8 x1
Bherna Cap S LV4 x1
Bherna Cap S LV8 x1
Bherna Vest S LV4 x1
Bherna Vest S LV8 x1
Bherna Guards S LV4 x1
Bherna Guards S LV8 x1
Bherna Coat S LV4 x1
Bherna Coat S LV8 x1
Bherna Leggings S LV4 x1
Bherna Leggings S LV8 x1
Edel Vizor S LV7 x1
Edel Ribplate S LV7 x1
Edel Creeper S LV7 x1
Edel Folia S LV7 x1
Edel Roots S LV7 x1
Edel Bloom S LV7 x1
Edel Ribguard S LV7 x1
Edel Tendril S LV7 x1
Edel Fronds S LV7 x1
Edel Radicles S LV7 x1
Moofah Head S LV4 x1
Moofah Head S LV7 x1
Moofah Suit S LV4 x1
Moofah Suit S LV7 x1
Moofah Claws S LV4 x1
Moofah Claws S LV7 x1
Moofah Coil S LV4 x1
Moofah Coil S LV7 x1
Moofah Wig S LV4 x1
Moofah Wig S LV7 x1
Moofah Jacket S LV4 x1
Moofah Jacket S LV7 x1
Moofah Sleeves S LV4 x1
Moofah Sleeves S LV7 x1
Moofah Coat S LV4 x1
Moofah Coat S LV7 x1
Ancient Helm LV5 x1
Ancient Helm LV7 x1
Ancient Mail LV5 x1
Ancient Mail LV7 x1
Ancient Arms LV5 x1
Ancient Arms LV7 x1
Ancient Coil LV5 x1
Ancient Coil LV7 x1
Ancient Boots LV5 x1
Ancient Boots LV7 x1
Ancient Cap LV5 x1
Ancient Cap LV7 x1
Ancient Vest LV5 x1
Ancient Vest LV7 x1
Ancient Guards LV5 x1
Ancient Guards LV7 x1
Ancient Coat LV5 x1
Ancient Coat LV7 x1
Ancient Feet LV5 x1
Ancient Feet LV7 x1
Kakuju Feather LV5 x2
Kakuju Feather LV7 x1
Flame Earring LV5 x2
Flame Earring LV7 x1

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