Pawprint Ticket

A Lynian ticket decorated with bright pawprint stamps. Received in thanks for something.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

G Rank Melynx Shiny Drop x1 35%
G Rank Felyne Shiny Drop x1 27%

Charge Blade Chili Axe LV1 x5
Long Sword Rushin' Blue LV1 x5
Great Sword Palette Knife LV1 x5
Lance Gorgonzolance LV1 x5
Switch Axe Gorgonzola Axe LV1 x5
Dual Blades Felyne and Melynx DX LV4 x2
Dual Blades Felyne and Melynx++ LV5 x3
Charge Blade Felyne Fancy LV5 x3
Insect Glaive Meownster Club LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Felyne Cannon LV6 x5
Light Bowgun Felyne Helldoll LV6 x3
Light Bowgun Melynx Helldoll LV6 x3
Light Bowgun Kettleblower Deluxe LV4 x3
Great Sword Cat's Curse LV4 x1
Great Sword Cat's King LV5 x4
Sword & Shield Catburglar LV5 x3
Sword & Shield Melynx Gadget LV4 x3
Sword & Shield Melynx Master LV5 x4
Hammer White Kitty Hammer LV5 x3
Hammer Black Kitty Hammer LV4 x3
Hammer Black Kitty Crusher LV5 x5
Bow Hoodwynk LV8 x7
Gunlance Felicitous Felyoshka LV4 x4

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