Amatsu Horn

A horn carved from an Amatsu. The unblemished horns are proof of its strength.

Rare 6 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 10,000z Amatsu LV2

High Rank Amatsu Wound Head x1 80%
G Rank Amatsu Wound Head x1 10%

Dual Blades Stormwind Fans LV1 Key x2
Charge Blade Altostratus Blade LV1 Key x2
Hunting Horn Autumn Lute LV1 x3
Heavy Bowgun Ill Omen LV1 x3
Light Bowgun Wicked Needle LV1 x2
Long Sword Ominous Spring LV1 Key x2
Great Sword Roilcloud Sword LV1 x2
Sword & Shield Ominous Treasure LV1 x1
Hammer Incubus Hammer LV1 Key x3
Bow Tempest Nightbow LV1 Key x2
Switch Axe Cloudburst Axe LV1 Key x3
Gunlance Ominous Monsoon LV1 Key x2
Insect Glaive Cannibal Happa LV3 x2
Sword & Shield Master Odyssey LV4 x2
Lance Rexpelgouger LV3 x2

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