Daora Webbing

Hard to craft but highly compatible with metals. Valued for its light weight.

Rare 4 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 1,800z Kushala LV1

Charge Blade Daora's Casca LV1 x3
Long Sword Wing of Judgment LV1 x5
Sword & Shield Ninja Sword LV1 x3
Switch Axe Daora's Farasa LV1 Key x4
Dual Blades Twin Nails LV2 x3
Dual Blades Hi Twin Daggers LV1 x8
Charge Blade Daora's Casca LV3 x5
Hunting Horn Daora's Taus LV1 x3
Hunting Horn Daora's Taus LV2 x5
Long Sword Rusty Claymore LV2 x5
Great Sword Icesteel Edge LV1 x3
Great Sword Icesteel Edge LV3 x5
Switch Axe Daora's Farasa LV3 x5
Gunlance Icesteel Gunlance LV2 x5

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