Hyper Hunter IV

A ticket awarded for hunting Hyper Monsters. Collect enough and it might pay off.

Rare 8 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z Hyper LV3

Dual Blades Lustrous Permia LV7 x1
Dual Blades Typhoon LV4 x1
Dual Blades Legendary Twins LV5 x1
Dual Blades Fan Club Deluxe Fans LV4 x1
Charge Blade Relic Blade LV7 x1
Charge Blade Master Strongarm LV4 x1
Insect Glaive Relic Trias LV7 x1
Insect Glaive Highest of Glaives LV4 x1
Insect Glaive Midnight Glaive LV4 x1
Hunting Horn Relic Horn LV7 x1
Hunting Horn Kecha Clanga LV4 x1
Hunting Horn Gigaphone LV4 x1
Heavy Bowgun Relic Cannon LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Arbearalest LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Relic Debonia LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Royal Torrent LV7 x1
Light Bowgun Nebula Storm LV4 x1
Long Sword Lustrous Kalimia LV7 x1
Long Sword Accomplished Abetter LV4 x1
Long Sword Wyvern Blade "Flare" LV4 x1
Long Sword Vilcurviscera LV4 x1
Long Sword Douser Bardiche LV7 x1
Long Sword Fan Club Deluxe Rod LV4 x1
Great Sword Luminous Jurasta LV7 x1
Great Sword Punisher LV4 x1
Great Sword Millstone Bereaver LV4 x1
Great Sword Thrashgash Blade LV4 x1
Great Sword Cataclysm Blade LV7 x1
Sword & Shield Lustrous Cretecia LV7 x1
Sword & Shield Master's Blade LV6 x1
Hammer Relic Hammer LV7 x1
Hammer Pressure Cooker LV4 x1
Hammer Two Star Silver Pot LV4 x1
Hammer Black Kitty Hammer LV4 x1
Lance Obsidian Partisan LV7 x1
Lance Dragoon's Gáe Bulg LV4 x1
Lance Brutal Tusk LV4 x1
Lance Rexpelgouger LV4 x1
Bow Ediacca Bow LV6 x1
Switch Axe Relic Axe LV7 x1
Gunlance Lustrous Oldoba LV7 x1
Gunlance Blue Devil Opus LV4 x1
Gunlance Master Gunlance LV4 x1
Alloy Helm XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Mail XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Vambraces XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Faulds XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Greaves XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Cap XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Vest XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Guards XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Coat XR LV1 Key x1
Alloy Leggings XR LV1 Key x1
Hunter's Helm R LV12 x1
Hunter's Mail R LV12 x1
Hunter's Braces R LV12 x1
Hunter's Faulds R LV12 x1
Hunter's Greaves R LV12 x1
Hunter's Cap R LV12 x1
Hunter's Vest R LV12 x1
Hunter's Guards R LV12 x1
Hunter's Coat R LV12 x1
Hunter's Leggings R LV12 x1
Alloy Helm S LV12 x1
Alloy Mail S LV12 x1
Alloy Vambraces S LV12 x1
Alloy Coil S LV12 x1
Alloy Greaves S LV12 x1
Alloy Cap S LV12 x1
Alloy Vest S LV12 x1
Alloy Guards S LV12 x1
Alloy Coat S LV12 x1
Alloy Leggings S LV12 x1
Alloy Helm R LV12 x1
Alloy Mail R LV12 x1
Alloy Braces R LV12 x1
Alloy Coil R LV12 x1
Alloy Greaves R LV12 x1
Alloy Cap R LV12 x1
Alloy Vest R LV12 x1
Alloy Guards R LV12 x1
Alloy Coat R LV12 x1
Alloy Leggings R LV12 x1
Ingot Helm S LV12 x1
Ingot Mail S LV12 x1
Ingot Vambraces S LV12 x1
Ingot Coil S LV12 x1
Ingot Greaves S LV12 x1
Ingot Cap S LV12 x1
Ingot Vest S LV12 x1
Ingot Guards S LV12 x1
Ingot Coat S LV12 x1
Ingot Leggings S LV12 x1
Ingot Helm R LV12 x1
Ingot Mail R LV12 x1
Ingot Vambraces R LV12 x1
Ingot Coil R LV12 x1
Ingot Greaves R LV12 x1
Ingot Cap R LV12 x1
Ingot Vest R LV12 x1
Ingot Guards R LV12 x1
Ingot Coat R LV12 x1
Ingot Leggings R LV12 x1
Vaik Helm S LV12 x1
Vaik Mail S LV12 x1
Vaik Braces S LV12 x1
Vaik Faulds S LV12 x1
Vaik Greaves S LV12 x1
Vaik Cap S LV12 x1
Vaik Vest S LV12 x1
Vaik Guards S LV12 x1
Vaik Coat S LV12 x1
Vaik Leggings S LV12 x1
Derring Helm S LV10 x1
Derring Mail S LV10 x1
Derring Vambraces S LV10 x1
Derring Faulds S LV10 x1
Derring Greaves S LV10 x1
Derring Cap S LV10 x1
Derring Vest S LV10 x1
Derring Guards S LV10 x1
Derring Coat S LV10 x1
Derring Leggings S LV10 x1
Artian Helm R LV10 x1
Artian Mail R LV10 x1
Artian Braces R LV10 x1
Artian Coil R LV10 x1
Artian Greaves R LV10 x1
Artian Cap R LV10 x1
Artian Vest R LV10 x1
Artian Guards R LV10 x1
Artian Coat R LV10 x1
Artian Leggings R LV10 x1
Gore Helm R LV8 x1
Gore Mail R LV8 x1
Gore Braces R LV8 x1
Gore Faulds R LV8 x1
Gore Greaves R LV8 x1
Gore Cap R LV8 x1
Gore Vest R LV8 x1
Gore Guards R LV8 x1
Gore Coat R LV8 x1
Gore Leggings R LV8 x1
Kirin Horn R LV8 x1
Kirin Jacket R LV8 x1
Kirin Longarms R LV8 x1
Kirin Hoop R LV8 x1
Kirin Leg Guards R LV8 x1
Kirin Crest R LV8 x1
Kirin Cape R LV8 x1
Kirin Gloves R LV8 x1
Kirin Shorts R LV8 x1
Kirin Boots R LV8 x1
Ace Headgear LV8 x1
Ace Mail LV8 x1
Ace Vambraces LV8 x1
Ace Faulds LV8 x1
Ace Greaves LV8 x1
Ace Mask LV8 x1
Ace Vest LV8 x1
Ace Guards LV8 x1
Ace Coat LV8 x1
Ace Leggings LV8 x1
Sororal Headgear LV8 x1
Sororal Mail LV8 x1
Sororal Vambraces LV8 x1
Sororal Faulds LV8 x1
Sororal Greaves LV8 x1
Sororal Mask LV8 x1
Sororal Vest LV8 x1
Sororal Guards LV8 x1
Sororal Coat LV8 x1
Sororal Leggings LV8 x1
Hawkhat LV8 x1
Hawksuit LV8 x1
Hawkbraces LV8 x1
Hawkcoil LV8 x1
Hawkboots LV8 x1
Hawkcap LV8 x1
Hawkjacket LV8 x1
Hawkguards LV8 x1
Hawkcoat LV8 x1
Hawkfeet LV8 x1
Arc Helm R LV8 x1
Arc Mail R LV8 x1
Arc Braces R LV8 x1
Arc Faulds R LV8 x1
Arc Greaves R LV8 x1
Storge Helm R LV8 x1
Storge Mail R LV8 x1
Storge Braces R LV8 x1
Storge Faulds R LV8 x1
Storge Greaves R LV8 x1
Arc Cap R LV8 x1
Arc Vest R LV8 x1
Arc Guards R LV8 x1
Arc Coat R LV8 x1
Arc Leggings R LV8 x1
Storge Cap R LV8 x1
Storge Vest R LV8 x1
Storge Guards R LV8 x1
Storge Coat R LV8 x1
Storge Leggings R LV8 x1
Kushala Glare R LV8 x1
Kushala Cista R LV8 x1
Kushala Grip R LV8 x1
Kushala Cocoon R LV8 x1
Kushala Crus R LV8 x1
Kushala Snarl R LV8 x1
Kushala Vise R LV8 x1
Kushala Embrace R LV8 x1
Kushala Wind Wrap R LV8 x1
Kushala Shank R LV8 x1
Silver Solhelm R LV8 x1
Silver Solmail R LV8 x1
Silver Solbraces R LV8 x1
Silver Solcoil R LV8 x1
Silver Solgreaves R LV8 x1
Silver Solcap R LV8 x1
Silver Solvest R LV8 x1
Silver Solguards R LV8 x1
Silver Solcoat R LV8 x1
Silver Solleggings R LV8 x1
Esurient Helm R LV8 x1
Esurient Mail R LV8 x1
Esurient Braces R LV8 x1
Esurient Faulds R LV8 x1
Esurient Greaves R LV8 x1
Esurient Cap R LV8 x1
Esurient Vest R LV8 x1
Esurient Guards R LV8 x1
Esurient Coat R LV8 x1
Esurient Leggings R LV8 x1
Akantor Mask R LV8 x1
Akantor Aegis R LV8 x1
Akantor Claws R LV8 x1
Akantor Cincture R LV8 x1
Akantor Hessian R LV8 x1
Akantor Fangs R LV8 x1
Akantor Plate R LV8 x1
Akantor Gauntlets R LV8 x1
Akantor Sash R LV8 x1
Akantor Boots R LV8 x1
Tempest Crown R LV8 x1
Tempest Robe R LV8 x1
Tempest Sleeves R LV8 x1
Tempest Obi R LV8 x1
Tempest Hakama R LV8 x1
Welkin Crown R LV8 x1
Welkin Robe R LV8 x1
Welkin Sleeves R LV8 x1
Welkin Obi R LV8 x1
Welkin Hakama R LV8 x1
Escadora Wisdom R LV8 x1
Escadora Soul R LV8 x1
Escadora Armguards R LV8 x1
Escadora Might R LV8 x1
Escadora Sheath R LV8 x1
Escadora Sagesse R LV8 x1
Escadora Seele R LV8 x1
Escadora Arma R LV8 x1
Escadora Force R LV8 x1
Escadora Scala R LV8 x1
Hunter's Helm XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Mail XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Vambraces XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Faulds XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Greaves XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Cap XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Vest XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Guards XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Coat XR LV6 x1
Hunter's Leggings XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Helm XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Mail XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Braces XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Tassets XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Greaves XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Cap XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Vest XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Guards XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Coat XR LV6 x1
Hornetaur Leggings XR LV6 x1
Helm of Anat LV8 x1
Mail of Anat LV8 x1
Braces of Anat LV8 x1
Greaves of Anat LV8 x1
Cap of Anat LV8 x1
Vest of Anat LV8 x1
Guards of Anat LV8 x1
Leggings of Anat LV8 x1
Helm of Rage LV8 x1
Mail of Rage LV8 x1
Braces of Rage LV8 x1
Greaves of Rage LV8 x1
Cap of Rage LV8 x1
Vest of Rage LV8 x1
Guards of Rage LV8 x1
Leggings of Rage LV8 x1

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