Evidence of one who has overcome many trials. Gives true honor to the holder.

Rare 9 Max Carry x99 Sell Price 0z

Dual Blades Chameleos Blades LV6 x1
Dual Blades Le Shangri-La LV8 x1
Dual Blades Blizzard and Blaze LV6 x1
Dual Blades Guiltfang "Evilbringer" LV5 x1
Dual Blades Taixu Fans LV5 x2
Dual Blades Dark Silhouette Sabers LV5 x2
Dual Blades Shangri-La/Hades LV3 x1
Dual Blades The Commander LV3 x1
Charge Blade Le Salut LV8 x1
Charge Blade Daora's Worldbearer LV6 x1
Charge Blade Universal Vortex LV5 x2
Charge Blade Teostra's Redeemer LV5 x1
Charge Blade Friede/Désastre LV3 x1
Charge Blade Altheos Transmutation LV3 x3
Insect Glaive Le Miracle LV8 x1
Insect Glaive Daora's Samudra LV6 x1
Insect Glaive Veil Caster LV6 x1
Insect Glaive Demonlord Bludgel LV5 x1
Insect Glaive Alatreon Godslayer LV5 x3
Insect Glaive Wehmut/Merveille LV3 x1
Insect Glaive Empyrean Storm LV3 x2
Hunting Horn Le Grégorien LV8 x1
Hunting Horn Genie's Ocarina LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Teostra's Musica LV6 x1
Hunting Horn Equinox Lute LV5 x2
Hunting Horn Daora's Diabassoon LV5 x1
Hunting Horn Grimm/Joie LV3 x1
Heavy Bowgun Le Déluge LV6 x1
Heavy Bowgun Daora's Ceti LV6 x1
Heavy Bowgun Invisible Kamaeleon LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Teostra's Firestorm LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Sheer Starvation LV5 x1
Heavy Bowgun Altheos Aeterna LV5 x3
Heavy Bowgun Endless Sky LV5 x2
Heavy Bowgun Ursprung/Mort LV3 x1
Light Bowgun La Vertu LV6 x1
Light Bowgun Daora's Yellowjacket LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Genie's Lamp LV6 x1
Light Bowgun Deathgun "Dementia" LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Demonlord Crasher LV5 x1
Light Bowgun Needle Phalanx LV5 x2
Light Bowgun Fäulnis/Vertu LV3 x1
Light Bowgun The Gunner LV3 x1
Long Sword Skulduggery LV6 x1
Long Sword Imperial Flickerflame LV7 x1
Long Sword Demonlord Rakshasa LV5 x1
Long Sword Le Décalogue LV8 x1
Long Sword Transgression LV5 x1
Long Sword Altheos Altrusta LV5 x3
Long Sword Empyrean Eve LV5 x2
Long Sword Daora's Storm LV5 x1
Long Sword Chaos/Loi LV3 x1
Great Sword L'Origine LV8 x1
Great Sword Dreaded Shamshir LV6 x1
Great Sword Demonlord Cruncher LV5 x1
Great Sword Guiltedge "Tyrfing" LV5 x1
Great Sword Altheos Evolutia LV5 x3
Great Sword Astralis Sword LV5 x2
Great Sword Daora's Deathmaker LV6 x1
Great Sword Teostra del Sol LV5 x1
Great Sword Anfang/Fin LV3 x1
Sword & Shield Demonlord Crusher LV5 x1
Sword & Shield Le Limier LV8 x1
Sword & Shield Altheos Zodiarch LV5 x3
Sword & Shield Heaven and Earth LV5 x2
Sword & Shield Daora's Maelstrom LV6 x1
Sword & Shield Teostra's Medal LV5 x1
Sword & Shield Lügen/Vérité LV3 x1
Hammer Demonlord Maul LV5 x1
Hammer La Terre LV8 x1
Hammer Diamgolgo's Phantasm LV6 x1
Hammer Guilthammer "Troll" LV5 x1
Hammer Altheos Morphexo LV5 x3
Hammer Heaven Render LV5 x2
Hammer Teostra del Torre LV6 x1
Hammer Daora's Hyperborea LV5 x1
Hammer Vergehen/Naissance LV3 x1
Lance Demonlord Impaler LV5 x1
Lance Le Paladin LV8 x1
Lance Altheos Gloralis LV5 x3
Lance Raging Heavens LV5 x2
Lance Daora's Regulus LV6 x1
Lance Teostra's Fire LV5 x1
Lance Luzifer/Sage LV3 x1
Lance The Lancer LV3 x1
Bow Daora's Toxotes LV5 x1
Bow L'Innocence LV6 x1
Bow Devil's Counsel LV5 x1
Bow Bow of Want & Blood LV6 x1
Bow Archbeast Avatar LV5 x1
Bow Altheos Incanonis LV5 x3
Bow Unlimited Daybreak LV5 x2
Bow Auftauchen/Disparition LV3 x1
Switch Axe La Conclusion LV8 x1
Switch Axe Daora's Ajniha LV6 x1
Switch Axe Zariella's Phantasm LV6 x1
Switch Axe Demonlord Earthshaker LV5 x1
Switch Axe Doomaxe "Downpour" LV5 x1
Switch Axe Altheos Voracion LV5 x3
Switch Axe Celestial Axe LV5 x2
Switch Axe Teostra's Hellebarde LV5 x1
Switch Axe Frevel/Sursis LV3 x1
Gunlance Demonlord Bombardier LV5 x1
Gunlance La Forteresse LV8 x1
Gunlance Venomous Perfume LV6 x1
Gunlance Guiltlance "Avarice" LV5 x1
Gunlance Celestial Gunlance LV5 x2
Gunlance Daora's Tempest LV5 x1
Gunlance Mauer/Guerre LV3 x1
Kushala Glare GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Cista GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Grip GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Cocoon GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Crus GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Snarl GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Vise GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Embrace GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Wind Wrap GX LV1 Key x1
Kushala Shank GX LV1 Key x1
Mizuha Cap GX LV1 Key x1
Mizuha Guards GX LV1 Key x1
Mizuha Sleeves GX LV1 Key x1
Mizuha Sash GX LV1 Key x1
Mizuha Gaiters GX LV1 Key x1
Cham Hat GX LV1 Key x1
Cham Camise GX LV1 Key x1
Cham Sleeves GX LV1 Key x1
Cham Coat GX LV1 Key x1
Cham Trousers GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Crown GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Mail GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Vambraces GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Tassets GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Greaves GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Mask GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Vest GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Guards GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Coat GX LV1 Key x1
Kaiser Leggings GX LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solhelm LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solmail LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solbraces LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solcoil LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solgreaves LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solcap LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solvest LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solguards LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solcoat LV1 Key x1
GX Silver Solleggings LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Lunehelm LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Lunemail LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Lunebraces LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Lunecoil LV1 Key x1
GX Gold Lunegreaves LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Lunecap LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Lunevest LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Luneguards LV1 Key x1
GX Golden Lunecoat LV1 Key x1
GX Gold Luneleggings LV1 Key x1
Arc Helm GX LV6 x1
Arc Mail GX LV6 x1
Arc Vambraces GX LV6 x1
Arc Faulds GX LV6 x1
Arc Greaves GX LV6 x1
Arc Cap GX LV6 x1
Arc Vest GX LV6 x1
Arc Guards GX LV6 x1
Arc Coat GX LV6 x1
Arc Leggings GX LV6 x1
Storge Helm GX LV6 x1
Storge Mail GX LV6 x1
Storge Braces GX LV6 x1
Storge Faulds GX LV6 x1
Storge Greaves GX LV6 x1
Storge Cap GX LV6 x1
Storge Vest GX LV6 x1
Storge Guards GX LV6 x1
Storge Coat GX LV6 x1
Storge Leggings GX LV6 x1
Kushala Glare GX LV6 x1
Kushala Cista GX LV6 x1
Kushala Grip GX LV6 x1
Kushala Cocoon GX LV6 x1
Kushala Crus GX LV6 x1
Kushala Snarl GX LV6 x1
Kushala Vise GX LV6 x1
Kushala Embrace GX LV6 x1
Kushala Wind Wrap GX LV6 x1
Kushala Shank GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Cap GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Guards GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Sleeves GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Sash GX LV6 x1
Mizuha Gaiters GX LV6 x1
Cham Hat GX LV6 x1
Cham Camise GX LV6 x1
Cham Sleeves GX LV6 x1
Cham Coat GX LV6 x1
Cham Trousers GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Crown GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Mail GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Vambraces GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Tassets GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Greaves GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Mask GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Vest GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Guards GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Coat GX LV6 x1
Kaiser Leggings GX LV6 x1
GX Silver Solhelm LV6 x1
GX Silver Solmail LV6 x1
GX Silver Solbraces LV6 x1
GX Silver Solcoil LV6 x1
GX Silver Solgreaves LV6 x1
GX Silver Solcap LV6 x1
GX Silver Solvest LV6 x1
GX Silver Solguards LV6 x1
GX Silver Solcoat LV6 x1
GX Silver Solleggings LV6 x1
GX Golden Lunehelm LV6 x1
GX Golden Lunemail LV6 x1
GX Golden Lunebraces LV6 x1
GX Golden Lunecoil LV6 x1
GX Gold Lunegreaves LV6 x1
GX Golden Lunecap LV6 x1
GX Golden Lunevest LV6 x1
GX Golden Luneguards LV6 x1
GX Golden Lunecoat LV6 x1
GX Gold Luneleggings LV6 x1
Auroros Helm GX LV6 x1
Auroros Torso GX LV6 x1
Auroros Gauntlets GX LV6 x1
Auroros Tassets GX LV6 x1
Auroros Pants GX LV6 x1
Genesis Headpiece GX LV6 x1
Genesis Torso GX LV6 x1
Genesis Gauntlets GX LV6 x1
Genesis Tassets GX LV6 x1
Genesis Pants GX LV6 x1
Borealis Crown GX LV6 x1
Borealis Chest GX LV6 x1
Borealis Gauntlets GX LV6 x1
Borealis Tassets GX LV6 x1
Borealis Hakama GX LV6 x1
Glyph Crown GX LV6 x1
Glyph Chest GX LV6 x1
Glyph Gauntlets GX LV6 x1
Glyph Tassets GX LV6 x1
Glyph Hakama GX LV6 x1
Akantor Mask XR LV6 x1
Akantor Aegis XR LV6 x1
Akantor Claws XR LV6 x1
Akantor Cincture XR LV6 x1
Akantor Hessian XR LV6 x1
Akantor Fangs XR LV6 x1
Akantor Plate XR LV6 x1
Akantor Gauntlets XR LV6 x1
Akantor Sash XR LV6 x1
Akantor Boots XR LV6 x1
Tempest Crown XR LV6 x1
Tempest Robe XR LV6 x1
Tempest Sleeves XR LV6 x1
Tempest Obi XR LV6 x1
Tempest Hakama XR LV6 x1
Welkin Crown XR LV6 x1
Welkin Robe XR LV6 x1
Welkin Sleeves XR LV6 x1
Welkin Obi XR LV6 x1
Welkin Hakama XR LV6 x1
Escadora Wisdom XR LV6 x1
Escadora Soul XR LV6 x1
Escadora Armguards XR LV6 x1
Escadora Might XR LV6 x1
Escadora Sheath XR LV6 x1
Escadora Sagesse XR LV6 x1
Escadora Seele XR LV6 x1
Escadora Arma XR LV6 x1
Escadora Force XR LV6 x1
Escadora Scala XR LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonhead LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonhide LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonclaws LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonbarbs LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonfeet LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonface LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonskin LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonfists LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonscale LV6 x1
GX Fatalis Crimsonlegs LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonhead XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonhide XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonclaws XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonbarbs XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonfeet XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonface XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonskin XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonfists XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonscale XR LV6 x1
Fatalis Crimsonlegs XR LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Head LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Hide LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Claw LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Spine LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Feet LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Face LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Skin LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Fist LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Scale LV6 x1
GX Old Fatalis Legs LV6 x1

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